Some apps in GNOME 42 supporting the dark style preference. On one hand I'm happy that it's happening, otoh it's not nearly as many by now as I'd have hoped. Though with GTK4/libadwaita transition happening at the same time it's kinda understandable.

As long as they do not use 8 p.m. as the dark theme time it is ok by me :-) Not living in the tropics here
@exalm I think apps should respect the system preferences. If the users says "I want to use this theme", then apps should respect that. If users want custom themes for certain apps, like light/dark variations, then that should overwrite the rule for that specific app.

@tio this is literally about supporting a new system preference.

@exalm Not dark/light preferences, theme preferences. Gnome, as far as I know, is doing the opposite.

@tio @tio Right, that’s unsupportable. But not gonna argue about it, there plenty of material online.

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