I took a short break from the libadwaita 1.0 roadmap items this week to finish and land @maximiliano's work on toasts - a high level replacement for GdNotification and ad-hoc notification widgets GNOME apps have been using since forever.

The API is very much inspired by GNotification, as well as toasts and snackbars on Android - with the difference from GNotification being that AdwToast objects can be used to modify or dismiss toasts after they've been sent.

That's how the undo notification works in the video. Meanwhile AdwToastOverlay - the widget that actually displays toasts - has API consisting of literally one function that's super easy to proxy - so, for example, we could easily have toasts in AdwPreferencesWindow.

One thing it doesn't do yet is swipe to dismiss. I want to have that eventually, but need to make swipes work at all first.

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