@exalm ah, animated RGB highlights is a big step to making GNOME appeal to gamers!

In all seriousness tho, I'd love to have the ability to set an accent color for GNOME apps to match my style or wallpaper or whatnot, this looks really nice.

@kepstin at first it will be an API for apps, but we'll see how it goes. :)

@exalm @kepstin Or why not just a variable in the adwaita scss files that can be changed in settings ?

@aurnytorink @kepstin well, let's start from the fact scss variables exist at build time, not runtime.

(it has been an scss variable ever since it's been rewritten in scss, so at least 2014)

@exalm @aurnytorink @kepstin I'm guessing at some point its going to become a CSS variable?

@optimal @aurnytorink @kepstin CSS variables don’t exist in GTK. @define-color does but that’s what the post was about.

@exalm waiting for the demo where it’s synced to the RGB backlight of your keyboard.

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