GNOME Games now supports Nintendo 3DS games via the Citra Libretro core. :) Touch input and screen layouts are supported just like for DS, though there are no savestates.

It should be available in nightly builds very soon, but for now games can only be added via the Heavy plus sign button, until there's a new shared-mime-info release.

@exalm That’s so exciting, congrats to everyone who worked on the support!

@exalm that's more than impressive.

GG's (Gnome Game's) looking good.

@exalm Looks awesome! How far-fetched would it be to emulate the touch screen of the DS on the Librem 5 screen while having the main screen on a different display?

@twrightsman as of now, impossible, it's a part of the same window and not separable. We do have a plan that woul dallow to put them in 2 different windows though, then it should be doable.

@exalm amazing news. Is it almost all caught up to RetroArch?

@Saroufim caught up in what sense? I mean, the goal is quite different. :)

@exalm with the number of platforms it can emulate.

@Saroufim still different, RetroArch doesn't even have a concept of platforms and it's whatever the core says. In Games we do care a lot about that because we also do autodetection and platform-specific features like that layout switcher.

So for example, you can say RetroArch supports DOS because there are multiple DOSBox cores available. But try out any of them, it will be like: half the keys you press are shortcuts, you need to tune the cpu frequency etc.

@Saroufim now, _that_ we can already do in nightly: we ship the dosbox core, and we have significantly less single-key shortcuts than RA does, but:

* We wouldn't properly handle mouse
* We would handle shift+letters incorrectly (see
* You'd still need to manually tune cpu frequency, and we don't expose a ui for changing all core options

Any of this is already a blocker so we don't ship it in stable. :)

So, does Games support DOS? Does RA support DOS? Up to you.

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