Still need to port:

* HdyHeaderBar (can we upstream this maybe?)
* HdyHeaderGroup
* Fancy leaflet transitions

And while HdySwipeTracker mostly works, it's impossible to start swipe with touchpad from a scrolled window within a swipeable widget atm. Fun as always.

And of course the HdyComboRow popover glitch, which is weird. And in general I need to rework it to be more like GtkDropDown, use the new list and have similar API.

@exalm Great work, excited to port my things over already! :)

@exalm is it easy to try gtk4 (and libhandy) on a pinephone somehow?

@vurpo GTK4 is in nightly sdk, but I don't think there are aarch64 builds.

libhandy - it's a dirty branch on my machine atm. :)

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