@exalm oh, I forgot to ask: how does (or how *should*) the new tabs widget work on mobile? The same thing but with less horizontal space? Switch to some sort of vertical, expandable list, like :firefox: on :android:? Something else?

@bugaevc for now it's same as before (except not 100% finished atm, the list works but rows are empty), but tentatively there are 2 different plans:

1. what you mentioned, but from Firefox Preview specifically, i.e. in a bottom sheet

2.maybe something like phosh app switcher, with carousel and previews, but this may be problematic wrt performance. We certainly cannot animate it, but static previews might be doable.

@exalm I've meant the bottom sheet yeah — it's in regular Firefox for Android now too.

Something like the app switcher sure would be nice, but I thought the tabs widget only handled the tab strip, not the actual contents of the tabs, so it wouldn't have a way to render those?

@bugaevc it's 2 widgets: HdyTabView + HdyTabBar. So while it's not monolith and you can e.g. slide tabs away in fullscreen, we do control the content as well.

HdyTabView is a pretty thick wrapper of GtkStack, there are quite a lot of things a bare stack wouldn't be enough for here. :)

@bugaevc that's also how I had 2 tab bars for the same view in the demo :)

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