(And yes, the second tab bar is supposed to scroll too, which doesn't happen atm, but I consider it a separate feature, since it's same as when selecting tabs)

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@exalm Gorgeous! Thanks for everything you make for GNOME!

@exalm Can you scroll the tab overflow with the mouse wheel? (That's one of the things I miss in GNOME Web when I use it instead of Firefox.)

@garrett since it's horizontal scroll view and not vertical, not yet, but I will absolutely add it.

It works for touchpad/trackpoint/touchscreen though :)

@exalm @garrett How difficult would implementing vertical tabs? Other than a few add-ons, since using tree-style tabs my life has been changed :p. And I suppose vertical tabs would be the first step towards TST.

@saligari @garrett not gonna happen in the tab bar widget specifically, but the tab view exposes enough API to implement it in tree for your app + there's gonna be a tab list implementation for mobile.

That said, it's list, not _tree_. The tabs are generic and don't have any kind of relationship that would allow constructing a tree in a generic way. E.g. what would a tree mean in a terminal? So if you want a tree, it's app territory :)

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