Til the GTK inspector has a env to set the display called GTK_INSPECTOR_DISPLAY.

Edge swipes to go back when you have an ecosystem of existing apps that don't expect edge swipes is a terrible idea.

Nintendo 64 games support, collections and improved performance - Alexander, @exalm, and this year’s GSoC students have been working hard on Games!

Check out the release details: blogs.gnome.org/alexm/2020/09/

Sound Recorder 3.38.0 is out with a completely redesigned UI which was part of GSoC, keyboard shortcuts, cleaner code and a bunch of issues fixed along the way.
Should be on Flathub pretty soon

In love with GNOME Games 3.38 and how it now display my games :3

I've been playing Smash and OoT yesterday here, and with the CRT filter feels so good 💓

Another experiment with tabs.

This needs work though, deck really doesn't cut it here. Maybe `HdyTabView` should use a carousel inside instead 🤔️

Clocks 3.38 is now on Flathub, it's mostly more code clean up & UI refinement after 3.36. You should be able to set a snooze/ring durations for alarms as well.

I thought I had a decent idea of what's happening in Epiphany development, but wow there's so much cool stuff in 3.38 I didn't know about 😍


GNOME 3.38 launches soon! Along with many other features and improvements, this release will bring a new welcome tour on first run and we've got a sneak peek for you.

Surprise! I just released Fragments 1.5 🥳

It's now even sexier - thanks to libhandy 1.0! It also includes additional features like desktop notifications.

#Flathub build will be available very soon!

I can do screen recordings again, and now all kinds of DND should work with HdyTabBar, incl. dropping content like text onto tabs.

Aaand now it's @gnome Usage to see its 3.38.0 version released! 😄


retro-gtk 1.0.0 released, as well as Games 3.38.0. :)

Soon on Flathub, but not yet since there's no 3.38 SDK yet.

retro-gtk 1.0.0 released! 🎉

This major API cleanup of the @Libretro frontend library that powers @GNOME Games now runs cores isolated in a subprocess, supports cores rendering with OpenGL, improves its timing accuracy, and resamples its audio.

Documentation: gnome.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/r

Sources: download.gnome.org/sources/ret

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