Heh, of course it's wontfix. I guess, time to add a warning when running outside sandbox?

I got tipped off that Games is now packaged in Fedora. Checked, and it doesn't package any libretro cores, meaning it's cannot run anything. Good job, Fedora. You've managed to surpass Ubuntu here. :(

A reminder to anybody who wants to use the app: we only support the build that is on Flathub.

Finally got my blog added to planet.gnome.org. However, at this point the first post is too old to show up there (not even in the planet feed), and yet having posts (more than one!) is a requirement for getting your blog added in the first place. This doesn't make any sense.

Nevermind, I needed to:
1. manually enable updates-testing repo for the builds
2. disable i386 and ppc64le arches (if anyone actually uses them, can reenable)

Oh, nice, looks like copr doesn't enable testing repos, so I cannot build a 3.34.0 update until it goes out of testing...

Made a copr repo for my gnome-shell gesture work: copr.fedorainfracloud.org/copr

A warning to whoever wants to try it: disable Fedora background logo extension before trying (the extension is a bit outdated, so Fedora gnome-shell package reverts one change, and my build doesn't).

Additionally, there are some bugs with dynamic workspaces.

Source here: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-s

Just gonna put it out there that a bunch of people at #guadec2019 agree that @brainblasted is awesome and should be here.

GNOME Games + GSoC project + GTK4 + 3d transform = awesome

With my new XPS 13 I'm one of the few people in GNOME with a touchscreen. It's funny that people say that GNOME was designed for touchscreens even though so few of us can even test with touchscreens

I'm very hyped for some of the things happening around GNOME design tools.

We have an easy way to look up the color palette now: flathub.org/apps/details/org.g

And very soon you'll be able to export icons for production directly from Icon Preview gitlab.gnome.org/World/icon-to

Imagine this,

You are shipping a OSS product based on another OSS project/product.

You have an issue with something in it and fix it, but instead of helping the upstream project, you complain in their bug tracker about how slow they are and start advertising your product on the bug tracker off the project your product is based off.

Then when your upstream rightfully complains, you call them toxic and complain why they called you out.

Yeap, another day appreciating FOSS communities.

RT @joaquimrocha@twitter.com
Everybody going 🍌 over @steam_games@twitter.com apparently dropping support for @ubuntu@twitter.com because of the 32 bit thing. And I'm like... flathub.org/apps/details/com.v
I've been running Steam in @FlatpakApps@twitter.com ever since I did its first bundle with the Endless' runtimes a while ago. It's the right way.

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