Anyone want a badass senior release manager, experienced in F/LOSS? Bay Area/Remote. I'm so proud of my work at Mozilla, shipping Firefox to hundreds of millions of people around the world. <3

A Twitter user pointed to me that my software CryptoDonate is used in a neo-nazi website. The widget had a linkback to my blog.

I DON'T want my software to be used for evil or support hate.

It is Open Source and free for anyone to use. As an Open Source dev, what can I do ?

OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!

Finally got the new gamepad, an 8BitDo SN30 Pro USB. Way better than N30 Pro, though shoulder buttons are still a little too close to each other.

The USB version only supports XInput, so it shows up as an X-Box 360 gamepad, but it still worked out of the box in GNOME Games :)

Having a proper "perfer dark" preference is something we'd like, but doing that in a non-hacky way is a ton of work.

For example, you need to make it opt-in for apps, to avoid glitches like illegible text. You need to make sure non-GTK apps, websites, etc. can access the preference. You need tooling for developers to test with both dark and light, etc. etc.

Changing the system stylesheet is a hack, not a real solution and should definitely not be be exposed in system settings by default.


Worst error message of the day. Hey, is this really the best you could do? I understand that when all else fails, exposing the implementation may be the only option left, but is this what you'd call user-friendly?


ICE defends its fake university scheme, saying students deserved to be deported

ICE is evil.

Have you been wanting to make an icon for your app but didn't know where to start?

Then this tutorial I wrote is for you!

State of #IsolateGab effort:

So as of summer 2019 when Gab ported every single user they had (active or dead) into a forked version of #Mastodon, the founder publicly said they had "over 1 million." As of today *still* just barely over 1 million.

And I suspect the lions share of those are inactive dead accounts still.

And look at the "insularity." 99.1 percent. They are just Gablins inside their echo chamber talking to themselves. And over time that just won't be sustainable.

Servers cost money, and even as they beg for donations, offer "premium features" for pay that other Fediverse servers offer for free, and do deals with whatever VPN's that are willing to take racists and nazi finders fees, still... it won't last if they can't grow.

They forked the #Mastodon code base because their expensive closed source platform was failing and couldn't sustain over time.

Thanks to your efforts to #IsolateGab they still are failing silo, and still aren't finding any more oxygen for what they are selling in the #Fediverse than they did as a closed source silo.

Keep it going in 2020.

someone add this to the list of reasons why distros should not make UX choices:

App Icon Preview 1.0.0 is finally on Flathub!
It includes
- The possibility to export the nightly, normal, symbolic icons
- The symbolic features were removed from the app
- Re-brandered from Icon Preview -> App Icon Preview

Grab it from here

There's also a new brand Rust application, Symbolic Preview that handles the symbolic icons

A summary of what I've been working in 2019, and the plans for 2020 #gnome #gtk:

If you want to contribute financially to the work I do for the @gnome Foundation, please consider becoming a Friend of GNOME:

Once you get used to Flatpak (i.e. things actually working most of the time), building anything on the host just feels barbaric and wrong.

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