Free (as in freedom), privacy-friendly, lightweight alternatives to Disqus:
- Isso -

- Schnack -

- Commentics -

- Spirit -

- HashOver -

- Epoch (WordPress) -

- Lyked (uses Google reCAPTCHA) -

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Disqus is a proprietary commenting system implemented on a great many sites (including free software project sites). Using this system is breach of privacy by design, Disqus as a third-party widget collects too much user data on all sites that use it, just like Facebook widgets. Also, Disqus had many security flaws, you can read more about them here:

In the toot below I have listed privacy friendly, free (as in freedom) alternatives to Disqus.

One step in making the intetnet a better place is to use the right sites and services.
Privacy Redirect is a simple browser extension that redirects your privacy-unfriendly services requests to their privacy-friendly and free (as in freedom) alternative/front-end.

Firefox Add-ons:
Chrome Web Store:

Chameleon is a free (as in freedom) Firefox add-on that spoof your user agent and includes few privacy enhanced options:
- Modify browser settings to maximise privacy
- about:config checklist for hidden settings
- Resist fingerprinting
- 1st party isolation
- Block third party cookies and websockets
- Disable WebRTC
- Much more

Chameleon mainly modify settings build into browser. Let's fix Firefox - install Chameleon.

CanvasBlocker - Firefox add-on that prevent websites from fingerprinting user. It allow users to block or fake the fingerprinting JS APIs. You can test your browser at

Read more and download:

Jami - free (as in freedom) alternative to Skype. Main features:
- Video and audio calls and text messaging
- Conferences
- Screen sharing
- End-to-end encryption
- You can use it anonymously
- Cross-platform

Read more:

Calyx Institute - non-profit organization that promotes, develops and distributes security and privacy-focused software and technologies. Currently they provide free VPN service, Jabber, SeedVault (backup for Android) and CalyxOS (Android-based). They also support other developers by Microgrands.

Read more:

FreeTube - free (as in freedom) YouTube client. It is something as NewPipe for desktops. You don't need to Google account to subscribe your favourite channels (FreeTube can import subscriptions from NewPipe).There are no ads and all data is store locally.

Read more:

Searx - free (as in freedom), privacy repecting metasearch engine. It contain search results from many search engines but it don't share users' IP and history with them. Searx blocks third-party engines' cookies and users profiling.

Read more:

List of public instances (there are also onion services):

NewPipe - Free (as in freedom) YouTube, PeerTube, SoundCloud and MediaCCC client. NewPipe is lightweight, ad-free, privacy-oriented. It doesn't require Google Services.

Read more:

Delta Chat - free (as in freedom) messaging client that doesn't have their own servers but use existing e-mail server network. All messeges sent by Delta Chat are encrypted. It is good alternative to Messenger, you can write messeges to everyone, who have e-mail.

Read more:

Mullvad - free as in freedom (costs 5€) VPN that respect your privacy. Mullvad uses OpenVPN or WireGuard protocol and doesn't request e-mail, phone number or any personal data. It need only account number It also hide your IP by using Mullad's server IP.

Read more:

Reasons not to be used by Facebook:
-Data Leaks
-Psychological Harms
-Control of Media
-Many More

Privacy Badger - one of the best trackers blocker. You can install it in Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera.

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