Google Analytics is the largest and one of the worst trackers. It's used even on sites that promote privacy, GNU/Linux, etc.

There are some free (as in freedom) and privacy-friendly alternatives:
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@ewm I wonder how much of this is legacy preferences. I know when I first used GA the other free/cheap options were vastly out classed.

@miklo @ewm i don't like it, but choosing a poor stat platform just because its better on privacy is not a choice many sites are going to make.

@lomion @ewm I have a blog post on web anaytics scheduled for 20th Jan, will mention both #GoatCounter this and @Matomo


@Nachbarschaft @ewm Yes because the site seems to be about some series.And they even admin in their cookie banner that they do tracking 🙄

@ewm hello ! I've been having this ocnversations with a friend of mine, who implemented GA for its startup's site.

I've had a hard time trying to explain why migrations towards Matomo or others would be of an interest (from his perspective)

Would you happen to have more arguments, as I've fallen short of them quite quickly ^^" (his stance is "libre solutions are inefficient and are uninteresting from my business advertisement perspective") ?

@kiudecan @ewm I think the only reason is ownership of the company's and it's customer's data which is mostly an ethical and moral issue. (unless someone needs super custom analytics which most ppl don't)

@ewm Great stuff given them all a mention on the blog post. Thanks

@ewm What makes you consider it one of the worst analytics tools? I see people say this and I'm not sure I agree.

@ewm I use Umami and it's great! Very simple, and still allows you to get event data for tracking things like number of downloads/clicks with just a CSS class in your HTML!

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