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If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

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We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 41! After six months of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release notes for all the details: help.gnome.org/misc/release-no

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#FridaysForFuture calls for the next global #ClimateStrike on Friday, September 24.
Find your local group or participate online fridaysforfuture.org/september

The #ClimateCrisis is a global issue and doesn't stop at borders. Let's help keep the planet a place to be.

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And now... India

"Google is guilty of adopting anti-competitive, unfair, and restrictive trade practices with regards to its smartphone operating system and the other components related to it"



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We're pausing new feature development to focus on bug fixes.

Our main focus this weekend:
- Full 2FA Support (incl. mobile)
- Fix Missing Notifications
- Fix Comment Threading
- Storage Settings (fix media)
- 3rd party clients (mobile apps)
- Better postgres support

Apologies to anyone affected by these bugs and we appreciate your patience while we work on fixing them! #pixelfed

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⚠️ Important news

There's a new @fdroidorg app called #AirGuard protecting you from being tracked by AirTags.

It scans your surroundings for devices that someone might have put into your pocket to track you via #Apple's #FindMy surveillance network and alerts you if a device is following you.

Download it here: 🔗 f-droid.org/packages/de.seemoo

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Wireless charging and fingerprint reading cases are ready (for #PinePhone keyboard we will need to wait a bit more time).


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Early impression of an upcoming new feature.

"Share a Briar app installer with a nearby person without requiring an internet connection."

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PixelFed has just reached 50k users on 186 instances! 🥳

If you haven't tried it yet, you can find out more from the official site at:


It's a Fediverse alternative to Instagram, and federates with Mastodon etc. so millions of people across the Fediverse can follow PixelFed accounts.

PixelFed has an unofficial Android app called @PixelDroid. It's currently in beta testing, you can get it from F-Droid:


If you don't have F-Droid yet, here are instructions on how to install it:


#FediTips #Fediverse #PixelFed #PixelTips #PixelDroid #Android #Apps #Instagram #Alternatives

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Libre Software Phone (The Article)

:globe_w_lines: ubuntubuzz.com/2021/09/libre-s

:verified: This is the long article based upon this Mastodon post above. More links, shops, and information included.

❤️ Thank you very much for everyone who participated in this amazing chance!

📩 Sharing is good.

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#PeerTube 3.4 is out ! 🥳
Main new features of this release: filters on every PeerTube pages, subscribe as an instance to a channel/account, filter videos search results of an instance, video player update and many other things...

➡️ joinpeertube.org/news#release-

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Recently, many criticized @protonmail for handing over a criminal suspect's IP address to the police. I feel obliged to defend #ProtonMail in this case because

(a) they're legally obliged to cooperate and therefore not the ones to blame and

(b) they explicitly prohibit usage of their services for criminal activity.

#email #privacy

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Today we have joined the Tracking-free Ads Coalition committed to ending pervasive tracking. Together, we fight for an internet that puts people first. Because right now you are being tracked, profiled & targeted online. It's time to ban targeted advertising:
Check out all supporters: trackingfreeads.eu/supporters/

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