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Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3!

🎨 Brand new design
🖼️ Photos 2.0 with editor and AI
📊 Polls and widgets in Talk
💌 Mail 2.0
🚀 30% faster app loading


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NEW! We've added a roadmap for our journey to Thunderbird on Android. See what we've already delivered and what we're currently working on with @k9mail:


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1,500+ sites have already imported their historical stats from Google Analytics to Plausible. The largest one imported 18.5 billion pageviews all the way from 2006!

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Hello everyone! Very proud to announce the release of GoToSocial v0.5.0 Sonorous Sloth. This is the sixteenth alpha release of GoToSocial! :go_to_social:

Some highlights:

Custom emojis are now supported! You can upload custom emojis via the /api/v1/admin/custom_emojis endpoint. See https://docs.gotosocial.org/en/latest/api/swagger/. By default, the size limit for emojis is 50kb to conform with Mastodon, but this can be changed in the config. In future, you will be able to upload / remove/ update custom emojis via the admin panel, but for now you must do it via the API.

OpenGraph meta tag support! When you link to a GoToSocial status or profile, it will properly serve preview information.

Custom CSS is now supported for user profiles and statuses. If your instance has accounts-allow-custom-css set to true, you can set custom css for your profile and statuses through the user panel – see https://docs.gotosocial.org/en/latest/user_guide/custom_css/

GtS can now deliver messages to shared inboxes. This has significant performance improvements when you’re followed by lots of accounts from a single instance with shared inbox support (Mastodon, Misskey, etc).

Avatars of unknown accounts are now shown as cute little GtS sloths in client applications.

Rate limit middleware!

Loads of bug fixes.

And more!

For more details and release downloads, please see here: https://github.com/superseriousbusiness/gotosocial/releases/tag/v0.5.0

When upgrading, please pay attention to the migration notes in the link above ^

Thank you to all contributors, testers, and everyone who made donations to our Liberapay and OpenCollective !!! <3

All documentation for GoToSocial can be viewed here: https://docs.gotosocial.org

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Congratulations to #Okular & @kde
for the official recognition of your outstanding work!

Okular officially celebrated being the 1st application awarded the Blue Angel ecolabel.

Read more here: eco.kde.org/blog/2022-09-28_ok

2 KDE community members, Alexander Lohnau and Harri Porten, joined Joseph De Veaugh-Geiss to receive the award on behalf of Okular and the KDE community at the EnviroInfo conference in Hamburg.

#KDEEco #BMUV #GermanEnvAgency #EnviroInfo #Sustainability #Environment #FOSS

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Cloudflare wants to replace CAPTCHAs with Turnstile – techcrunch.com/2022/09/28/clou

“Turnstile automatically chooses a browser challenge based on ‘telemetry and client behavior exhibited during a session,’ Cloudflare says, rather than factors like login cookies. After running non-interactive JavaScript challenges to gather signals about the visitor and browser environment and using AI models to detect features and visitors who’ve passed a challenge before. . . .”

MGLRU Patches Merged To "mm-stable" Ahead Of Linux 6.1 - New Benchmarks Look Good.


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Today I Learned that tilvids.com will become our new PeerTube home; there's no content there at the moment, but once we're given our allowance we will start putting up some interesting things on

S E A R C H 🔍
E N G I N E S 🚒


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We just published the first tagged alpha release of Fractal.


This doesn't change how we publish Fractal builds and it's still only available on GNOME Nightly.

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"What is the best #matrix_client on mobile Linux" has been a tricky question.
While the answer range from nheko, over fluffychat to hydrogen.element.io, I am very excited about the first alpha release of rewritten #fractal (gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/fractal) which will hopefully blend into a #phosh environment nicely.

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DIVA.EXCHANGE is developing software with the goal of providing free banking technology for everyone. It is secure without a central infrastructure, and based on blockchain and I2P technology.

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From @ NP_tokumei:

#Internet has been shut down for the last several days at different🇮🇷ISPs.
Metrics shows the highest increase in the number of daily relays originated from multiple autonomous systems in the country


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RT @Seshpenguin
Not officially released yet but: sineware.ca/prolinux/plasma-mo

Manjaro is basically the only distro out there doing daily dev builds of Plasma Mobile, so (at @espidev's) suggestion I'm setting up some infra to do builds of PM for Alpine/postmarketOS.

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❄️ Snowflake is helping people in Iran and other countries circumvent Internet censorship.

Let people know you're operating a Snowflake proxy by downloading and printing our Snowflake sticker pack!


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The global politics are unfortunately affecting open-source audio. Not in a good way.

The developer of LSP plug-ins may soon be forced to serve in the Russian army. He's previously expressed his strong stance regarding the war and is definitely not on board.

The Linux Studio Plug-ins (LSP) suite is one of the most advanced and high quality. A real beacon in the libre audio.

#war #LinuxAudio #FOSSaudio #Russia #LSP #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware

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Our joinmastodon.org website has been redesigned from the ground up--it looks nicer and explains better!


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