When the bloke who played Captain America posts smily and laughing emojis quoting She Hulk you have to wonder what he meant. I’m guessing he thought it was so bad he couldn’t use words ?

In other news, America, what the hell are you doing? Voting in Trump backed candidates. Did you not learn anything? These are and must be people who have been bought or more scarily think paying $100 to a pastor to touch them will heal them.

Jesus I really must have zoned out. It’s taken me ages to realise I’ve been listening to Let It Snow by Dean Martin, it’s August.

I didn’t take a picture of Ted the today, but here is one of him having his morning cigarette before starting work.

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I don't understand what this thing is

Would anyone explain it to me please ?

An example for laypeople, like me



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5 full days with solar panels, mixed weather (one rainy day, the rest partly cloudy or sunny).
Total consumption: 123 kWh and only 5.4 kWh from the grid, >95% reduction.
It saved almost 2000 CZK ($83) in just 5 days and I can't even sell surpluses yet.
Last but not least: 55kg of CO2 saved.

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✨ Hello Direct Messages!

Our official #pixelfedApp is almost ready for primetime!

The private beta is going well, and we look forward to opening it up to the public in the coming weeks!

The rain has brought the toad population in the garden out tonight. I didn’t see them until Ted the puppy decided to pounce on one (pesky darker evenings). Lucky I still have quick reactions. Toad safe and well.

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I’m sure some people don’t think advice includes them. We’ve been advised not to have / light BBQ’s. Yet a knobhead neighbour has. What makes it worse he doesn’t have the skills to light it without firefighters and lighter fluid. Smell awful.

think Ted the is happy where he lives. Not a bad patch for a wide open spaces ..

Trying to work out if Ted the is trying to channel the Land Girl look or Arthur Scargill look when he flops his ear over his head.

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Spammers are targeting large fediverse instances with SEO spam yet it's the smaller instances that are most affected.

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