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@Billie For visual types, here's the shortest way to find #fdroid assembly.

1. Start at #rC3 lobby and go to Floppy-Landfill
2. Find our assembly entrance inside the giant M, south of the entry point

I implore any group using to consider switching to @matrix for public (unencrypted) and private () chats, and services (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc) for announcements. And Discourse.

This. If you have knowledge you want to pass on, make a blog, a website on something.

Posting on things we have to get an app, sign in, find et and scroll for ages, is ensuring this knowledge will not spread.

Even Twitter is part of the problem

@zacchiro @conservancy I too have donated to @conservancy -- they are one of the most important organizations protecting software freedom today.

I'd recommend you consider donating to them as well, dear reader.

Our work upholding consumers' rights to source
code for #copyleft works never pauses;we filed the next motion in our lawsuit against #Vizio. The twists & turns of litigation provides excellent insight into how companies try to deny your rights #GPL #LGPL

Btw, the #FOSDEM devrooms will also need help this year again during the event to:

- read out questions from the chat on camera to the speaker after the talk itself,

- moderate the Jitsi Meet channels for the hallway discussions after the formal Q&A…

Just contact the managers for the devroom of your choice to propose your help, it will be greatly appreciated! Contact information is usually on their CfP:

(for the #RetroComputing one, just tell me!)

#FOSDEM2022 #rC3

Tonight #RC3 - 20h00 - ChaosZone TV

Andy Müller-Maguhn -When Wikileaks bumped into the CIA: Operation Kudo exposed

With following discussion on Whistleblow Village

This talk is about the experience of the #Wikileaks project when it bumped into a small problem with the CIA. While it builds up on my last years talk 'CIA vs. WL' I am now able to provide a detailed report about how the operations unfolded and what it triggered..


Fediverse friends. What email clients are you using and why? No wrong answers!


Just one our left: At 15:00, we run the #rC3's one and only Open Source Gardeners* Unite meetup. If you are interested in Open Source and gardening, make sure you don't miss it!

Also make sure to connect via our new Matrix room at

Debacle with #log4j #security vulnerabilities led to new awareness by many corps and institutions that are exploiting #opensource / #freesoftware that these projects actually need their help and support. #Funding and #donations but also contributions to code, filing bug reports, do security audits.

#FOSS has eaten the world. And that's thanks to countless volunteers' tireless work. Let's all show our gratitude in #2022 and onwards.

Great article by @VictorVenema


:rc3: Impressive documentary film showed today at . If you haven't seen it yet, take 30 minutes and watch.

📽️ "Information: What are they looking at?" by Theresia Reinhold


Here's the rub:

#owncast (if you haven't heard) is an awesome, yet still young and growing, live streaming alternative to Twitch/Youtube/etc. There is a small but mighty community regularly using Owncast to stream a variety of content, and development is marching on ( #activitypub #federation is otw! :ablobcatbongo: )

However, the project is in need of design help. That's why I'm forwarding the call for designers.


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Hey, are you a #foss #dev , #designer , #artist , or generally involved in free, open-source software? I'm looking for some input on how to attract good #ux and #ui designers to volunteer positions for free software projects. Articles, anecdotes, audio-visual presentations; I'll take any help, advice, or direction you can share with me.


Now at the #rC3 conference.

German Sovereign Tech Fund will fund open source digital infrastructure to avert the next log4j variable-variability.blogspot.

The famous #XKCD cartoon has resulted in an open source digital infrastructure fund. Thank you Randall.

#SovereignTechFund #FOSS #OpenSource #Digitization #DigitalInfrastrucutre #Ampel

It might still be time to submit a talk to one of the many wonderful devrooms for next #FOSDEM:

(some deadlines have also been extended)

#FOSDEM2022 will be held February 5&6th.

#rC3 #FLOSS #OpenHardware #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

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