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A recent DEI discussion reminded me something most people inherently understand, but often don't admit or consciously consider:

One can have both good intentions and still produce negative outcomes.

For all my gripes about the brokenness of the international development system, today's a good day. I was fortunate to be able to lead a workshop of 30+ people working at funding agencies/donors. Coming out of discussing how to band together to make progress on action using technology -- hopefully in responsible & ethical ways.

Lots of good lightning talks and productive breakout groups discussing how to build partnerships & synergy to respond to the giant challenges ahead.

"We forgot to ask, for whom, and for what purpose?"

Singapore’s tech-utopia dream is turning into a state nightmare

In the "smart nation," robot dogs enforce social distancing and an app can claim to neutralize racism. The reality is very different.

I'd appreciate some time chatting with someone who thinks that licenses inspired by open source licenses, but with restrictions on use (e.g do no evil licenses) are the best and most effective way to handle people doing evil things with software.

follow Mastodon accounts through RSS if you prefer:

1. Go to the profile page of the account you want to follow.

2. Click on the profile picture to open its public profile page.

3. Copy the public profile page's URL and add .rss to the end of it, then add this address to your feed reader.

For example, to follow FediTips via RSS, use the address in your feed reader.

(Note that this only works for that account's public @feditips - 2/3

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Privacy is a human right. Stand up for that right with a donation to Tor today, and your donation will be matched, 1:1.

🚨 Don't forget to join us tomorrow for this important discussion organised by @Haki_na_Sheria to discuss #digitalidentity in Kenya.

A great line-up of speakers not to be missed! πŸ‘‡

Hi folks. Just a note for those interested that I have resigned my day job at the United Nations Foundation.

I am looking forward to continue my work as a champion for & digital rights, particularly for humanitarian causes, international development, and peacemaking.

For now I'm eager to spend some time over the year-end holidays and do some reading and learning about the best initiatives out there.

(And of course continuing to help serve the delightful community!)

I'm sick of guessing and later being disappointed, so I want a round up of FOSS projects maintained by people who are explicitly:

1. Against being assholes to marginalized groups
2. Opposed to "web3", NFTs and crypto-scams

If this is you or someone you know of please reply with the related projects. Boosts appreciated.

I'll start with a couple I'm aware of:

ElementaryOS @elementary
Krita @Krita
uxn by @neauoire
Browsers being built by @alcinnz

Hot taker: β€œthe problem w/ open source is…”

Me: no, it’s time and money

HT: ok but what abo…

Me: no, it’s time and money. Everyone is telling you it’s time and money.

HT: surely it’s…

Me: what is motivating you to pretend it’s something other than time and money?…

so everyone knows that sci-hub is being sued in India such that if they win they might be able to operate legally, but if they lose a huge number of scientists and academics in India wouldn't be able to access papers? Any senior ppl planning to write amicus briefs by the 16th?

What do we mean when we talk about digital health, and what are its implications for human rights?

We've prepared this handy explainer for you πŸ‘‡

Sticker prioritization, part 3: If you had to choose one sticker phrase from this group...

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Sticker prioritization, part 2: If you had to choose one sticker phrase from this group...

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Help me prioritize new stickers for my laptop? If you had to choose one sticker phrase...

Bringing back TZAG and TZAF, I don't see them enough anymore but they were popular in the old fediverse days!

TZAG! (Time Zone Appropriate Greeting)
TZAF! (Time Zone Appropriate Farewell)

Imagine being sentenced to years in a Cambodian prison because you loaned your phone to a friend to go into town and buy your quarantine food. Meanwhile a 2-person company in the USA bought your phone's location data without your consent and decided you violated the law based on the numbers they crunched on their AWS server using scripts written by college students.

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