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๐Ÿค” Perhaps if your company has to spend $23,000,000 USD per year for CEO personal security, just maybe you're doing something wrong for the society that gives you permission to operate a corporation.

The GUADEC 2021 registration is now open! Sign-up today:

The conference will be held online this year and take place July 21-25.

Does anyone know of good ways to schedule toots in advance? It seems the API has supported this for a long time but the webapp still does not.

Many years ago, I had a job that used a DEC VT320-A (white text) terminal and LK201 keyboard ... but both with a *black* plastic case. Has anyone seen these around still?

:fediverse: This seems like a good time for us all to remind our friends that this is the Internet, and they don't have to settle for isolated corporate-controlled communication surveillance-gardens that sell privacy for profit.

It's Open Tech Will Save Us #12, live NEXT WEDNESDAY (14th) at 5pm UTC! Watch and friends presenting online crisis support tool using Matrix, Will Bamberg on the Open Web Docs project, and Bruno Windels developer of the Hydrogen Matrix client!

Listening to @copiesofcopies defend @conservancy
's DMCA exemption request to permit testing, investigation and correction of privacy issues!

I just became a monthly supporter of @fsfe in response to yet another attack by Daniel Pocock on organizations doing good work for the movement (not only but also ).

He has a long documented history of harvesting and abusing email addresses for his own personal vendettas; so this latest one with the GitHub repos is nothing new.

Congratulations to our Community Engagement Challenge winner, Big Open Source Sibling and to our finalist, OpenUK!

Thank you to all of our projects and teams for their amazing work during the !

Bruce Schneier on Signal's cryptocurrency adventures:


Itโ€™s not just that blockchain is just plain stupid. Itโ€™s not even that Signal is choosing to tie itself to a specific blockchain currency. Itโ€™s that adding a cryptocurrency to an end-to-end encrypted app muddies the morality of the product, and invites all sorts of government investigative and regulatory meddling: by the IRS, the SEC, FinCEN, and probably the FBI.


Well #Signal is baking their own crypto now. ๐Ÿ˜ค

How will the techbros & #elonmusk explain, that this wasn't a #ponzi scheme. 'jUsT uSe sIgNal' the non-profit, one time soulution to WhatsApp.

The soultion is #federated protocols, dontating to projects to help reach feature/privacy parity with centralized ones. NOT shifting to another centralized silo - that will inevetiably fail in a free market.

FLOSS-App of the week:

It must not always be #googlemaps
You could easily find your target with #openstreetmap

Want to have a bit of fun while walking your dog?

StreetComplete is an easy to use app where you can help mapping your environment.

Have a look at StreetComplete

#opensource #freesoftware #privacy

help, please: I've been asked about government-led #opensource projects, and their best practices.

not an area I know much about these days: who would be good people/organisations to talk to about current work in this area?

thanks for any pointers

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