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Are you interested in an entirely and laptop? How about if it's meant to be modified and upgraded?

In this episode of Libre Lounge, @emacsen sits down with Lukas Hartmann from @mntmn to talk about his history in Free Software, the MNT Reform project, and the future!

We'll be meeting in IRC this Thursday (2pm ET/6pm UTC) with many of the folks from the #CopyleftConf panel "Copyleft in a Business Context" you can watch the video in before we talk here,

"I use Linux less because it’s open source and free software (although that’s a bonus point too), but more because I thinks it’s more user friendly. Installation is fast and simple, updates don’t take ages, I don’t need to crawl the web to find software installers, it isn’t full of bloatware, it runs great on most (even older) hardware etc.

Of course there are use cases where Linux isn’t the best choice (yet)"

Apparently today the US President is threatening to shut down Companies that don't agree with him.

Fortunately for us, distributed networks like make that pretty difficult for dictators to do.

We have resolved our patent case with Rothschild Patent Imaging. We thank our pro-bono counsel - Shearman & Sterling LLP for representing us.

Just joined the "Opensource design forum" at

Seems like a pretty neat place has a lot of neat resources as well as job postings for projects that are opensource.

#opensource #opensourcedesign #libresoftware #foss #floss #mastoart #fediart #art #design

Out of curiosity: is there something like a #floss #federated alternative to #cloudflare as a #cdn?

Sure, one could build something oneself with enough servers but does something like this exist as some kind of distributed community-approach?

Dear Lazyweb: Does anyone know of a good way to synchronize a set of files with Microsoft Office365 OneDrive?

I'm really happy about our announcement today. Many great Nextcloud Talk improvements and most important, the High-Performance-Back-End is now also publicly available and developed in the open. #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Nextcloud

EU Parliament Strongly Recommends Developing and Using Open Source Software

Europe is choosing open source more than ever. Not just limited to EU Commissions’ decision to use Signal messaging app but also open science and the adoption of open source software by European universities.
Now, in a recent press release by the European Pirate Party, it looks like the EU Parliament is urging EU institutions to use open-source software. All thanks to the Pirate amendments for encouraging the use of open-source software.
The EU Parliament not just encourages the use of open-source software, but they have also advised to prioritize development of open-source software by the EU institutions.
See EU Parliament Strongly Recommends Developing and Using Open Source Software - It's FOSS
#technology #opensource #EU

Modest suggestion: next time you plan on buying some luxury item (starbucks, a video game, a dinner out, etc), consider donating that amount to an open source project that you love. Not every time - you can have that frappachino tomorrow - but just this time, let's give back to FOSS.

Are we being loose with the terms “open source” and “private” if we utilize Google, Facebook, & Twitter scripts, listeners and CDNs in websites and apps (even if they claim to be “open”)?

#privacy #development #opensource

The potentially global scale of COVID-19 contract tracing apps, and their collection of sensitive health and association information, presents new privacy and security risks for more users.

How do we make Free Software more approachable, easier to use and more effective? That is the discipline of User Experience design.

@emacsen and @cwebber interview UX expert Máirín Duffy about Free Software interfaces and more.

The European Parliament endorsed Pirate amendments urging EU institutions to predominantly use Open Source solutions

This is a strong call for enhancing our important citizens right to transparent and trustworthy information. It is essential for the European institutions to retain control over its own technical systems, especially in a context of disinformation and foreign interference.

#freesoftware #opensource #software #europe #europa #eu #pirates #pirateparty

Finally we signed the funding plan with NLNet!!! 😀 Thank you @NGIZero for this amazing opportunity! 🙏🏼

We're working, and we're so excited!! more news soon, including the actual project plan :-)

Tbh I'm also scared a bit, there's so much work to do! But bit by bit, we'll get there 😊


I'm collecting stories from those facing work arrangements but who don't have the space or ability to easily or productively do so.

If you haven't already done so, please send me a message.

"The Internet Society Foundation has launched a new emergency response grant programme, targeting organizations working on projects that utilize the Internet to improve lives during or in response to an emergency situation."

deadline is the 17th for grants of $250k - $500k for projects lasting up to 12 months

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