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Don't nationalize Facebook 

Some people say "nationalize Facebook" because social media has become a public utility, but holy shit I don't want the government having that data anymore than I want a private company to have it. Dismantle corporate social media and decentralize it. Maybe let municipal governments set up local nodes, since not everyone will have the ability to run their own servers. Better yet, have public libraries set up local nodes (they're gov't funded, but usually arms-length).

> does not, by itself, change the world; it lacks agency. It is the people that maintain, grow, adapt, and build the software that are the heart of the #GNU project...

One of the perks of my job is that I get to learn so much from my coworkers. We're doing an #Equality, #Diversity, and #Inclusion initiative in my office and one of my colleagues just taught me that the #disability part of this is actually covered by a very specific UN goal!

Towards totally free & open computing: System76 ships new laptops without BIOS / UEFI.

Galago Pro & Darter Pro are two new Linux laptops shipping with Coreboot as an alternative to its proprietary counterparts.

System76 is known for their rock solid powerful line of Linux PC's with a support and enthusiasm second to none. From the boot screen to desktop "29% faster" than with BIOS, thanks to dropping unnecessary features.

#system76 #coreboot #Linux #laptops #pop

"Adobe is cutting off users in Venezuela due to US sanctions" Another example how dangerous it is to rely on proprietary and rented software. This can't happen to you if you build your business on top of #FreeSoftware which is the only software you really own.

Correct: it's hard to make money working on open source software

Correct: it's hard to make money working on open source software, therefore I will make nonfree software

Incorrect: it's hard to make money on open source software, and therefore I will make nonfree software and claim that it's open source

The official asshat award for today goes to Jan Oberhauser, an asshat who publishes a nonfree software project with the Anti-commons Clause and calls it "open source" in his marketing material despite being well aware that it's not.

Eat a bag of dicks, Jan Oberhauser.

I will not participate in #Hacktoberfest this year, although contributing to #OpenSource and #FreeSoftware is my day job. First, I already have enough t-shirts. But second, the ecosystem I use on a daily basis is mostly made up of projects that use GitLab, or BitBucket, or, or Fossil, or sending patches by mail, or GNU Savannah, or (good grief!) even SourceForge. I think only two of the projects I contributed last year were on GitHub.

The #FOSS world is so much bigger. Don't forget that.

One of my favorite features of is the ability to follow remote instances. @fedilab

Whoo boy, this is the most public statement I've ever signed:

Let's hope some good for #GNU comes of this all.

Calibre 4.0 - an excellent ebook reader for Linux!

The development is taking off; adding new ebook viewer.

Calibre is and ebook reader or viewer, an ebook manager, an ebook converter & a general cross-platform do-all-the-things utility, ticking pretty much all boxes now.

#calibre #linux #ebooks #ebook #freesoftware

Very interesting post about the history of FOSS (free, open soucre software) licenses with conclusions about the harm "ethical clauses" may do to FOSS As it states, we already have means to control how people may use (or not) software: proprietary licenses

DOJ has made it clear: they want backdoor access to the private communications of billions of users of Facebook messaging products. We all need to stand up and say no.

Would you like to join us and other organisations to support the open letter on #FreeSoftware / #OpenSource #EU #Policy recommendations?

If so, see the instructions at the end of the letter.

The same tactics are why temporarily pulled ahead in support, but fortunately greater forces are at play that can even overcome the damage done by 's behavior.

Chernobyl's nuclear mess wasn't cleaned up quickly, and neither will be the . Fortunately, is larger and stronger than the organization.

I am still holding out hope for the org, but my hope in the movement is far more certain.


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I always knew it was bad, but never this bad. The resignation from seems to have shaken loose all the conspiracy theorists and devotees. Its mailing lists and forums are full of them, still distracting from the public charitable interest of the non-profit.

So many blinded by hero worship that they don't realize the viral poison said hero had on the movement. The immaturity of these folks is arguably the biggest blocker of software freedom from widespread adoption.


"Watch out for emergencies. They are your big chance!"

-- Fritz Reiner, conductor

"As the millennium approached, the online world would become increasingly centralized and consolidated, with both governments and businesses accelerating their attempts to intervene in what had always been a fundamentally peer-to-peer relationship. But for one brief and beautiful stretch of time—a stretch that, fortunately for me, coincided almost exactly with my adolescence—the Internet was mostly made of, by, and for the people."

#reading #books #snowden

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