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Finally not sick, but still dealing with the residual cough, which is not unheard of for a couple weeks after fighting off a virus.

field day was this weekend and although I wasn't able to get out and participate, I was able to finally get myself set up for HF. It only took 23 years. ๐Ÿ˜…

We're trying to gain 200 new members by July 15. Lend a helping hand to reach our goal -- spread the word with #ISupportFreeSoftware!

We are delighted to announce that GNOME ASIA 2019 will be held in Gresik, Indonesia โค๏ธ from 11-13th of October. ๐Ÿ˜Š

For more information:

another corporation that doesn't know how #floss works and is using #mastodon with all attribution removed. the footers have the license and project links removed and they disabled /about/more

I'm really loving the "single column" Mastodon layout. If you haven't tried it out head to Preferences > Appearance and uncheck the 'enable advanced web interface'. :mastodon: โค๏ธ

Travel-shortened week
Hosting guests week
Holiday & vacation week
All-hands org meeting week
Workshop & travel week

Plus a cold.

Recovering from this most recent travel is a nightmare.

It looks like the latest version of fixes some federation issues: following & commenting from Mastodon is working (again?) and that's pretty cool. See for example

: check out , a instance dedicated to conference and community events videos.

If you are a conference organizer or speaker, feel free to contact me to get an account.

The GNOME Foundation Board of Directors election cycle is underway! Foundation members, please take a moment to read about the candidates and please vote!

In the most recent episode of our podcast, @cwebber and @emacsen take a walk down memory lane about 8 bit computers, DOS and Unix command lines and the way that the imagery and mystique of the terminal may be holding us back.

We've got a blog post that explains our views & reaction to #GItHub's new #Sponsors program & related initiatives. We're concerned that it (so far) ignores key governance issues for #FOSS projects related to funding. #Sustainability #FOSSSustainability

Is there any bot on the similar to the Link Archiver on Twitter (

"I make sure the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has a current snapshot of the links my friends tweet. Follow me and I'll follow you!"

Richard Hughes has been tirelessly working on fwupd and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) to greatly improve firmware updating on Linux! He is asking for 5 minutes of your time to help with this effort. Please consider his request, if you are able โ€ฆ

At Dayton today, heard an exciting overview from Bruce Perens (OSS pioneer) about a super low-cost prototype software+hardware device to extend average mobile phones into AI-powered digital transceivers using Codec2, neural networks for decoding, RISC-V, and more.

Could be truly transformative and empowering, allowing grassroots surveillance-free global communication.

Because a few of you apparently missed the prior announcements, the Call for Proposals for 2019 has been extended for three more days until the ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿต๐˜๐—ต ๐—ผ๐—ณ ๐— ๐—ฎ๐˜†. This is your very last chance to get your talk submission in! Do it asap! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

What's not mentioned in the ActivityPub spec that you'll need to implement the standard? Learn about it in the latest episode of Libre Lounge:

Interesting conversations with Tim & David of the International Union (IARU) today at @Hamvention. Their challenges in advocating globally for policy to protect technology public goods in the face of capitalistic greed is not unlike the plight of & .

I wonder what we can learn from them.

It's far from lonely at the top: At Dayton today, I finally earned (upgraded) my Amateur Extra radio license, with big thanks to my (amazing!) tutor Gordon West WB6NOA.

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