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wikimedia is looking to hire a technical writer (this is on fediverse architect Evan Prodromou's team!)

Having cognitive dissonance with the notion of conducting a discussion event on top of a platform. But that said, ya gotta start somewhere! ๐Ÿ˜‰

(This message will be echoed from Mastodon to Twitter.)

Would you like to learn how to build and maintain a strong, healthy, Free Software Community? We interview Deb Nicholson to find out!

#FreeSoftware has a lot of potential in the developing world.

In rural India, 12 villages use #FreedomBox to host free digital services. Activists have re-purposed old computers into FreedomBoxes, mounted them on posts, and served entire villages with free wi-fi and digital services.

These rural #FreedomBox networks got covered in the Times of India.

READ: โ€˜Every old computer is a potential server that can bring Internet connectivity to an entire villageโ€™

discourse forum 

Vote by mail should be implemented in every state. This is a hill I will die on.

Our #csvConf slides are posted for anyone interested in seeing what we have to say about #FLOSS qualitative research:

It took a relatively long time, but Odysseus 1.5.16 is out!

Start subscribing to podcasts and webfeeds everyone!

I disagree with Purism's hands-off moderation approach and I have urged them to re-consider their stance.

.@o0karen0o is always so full of free and open source software wisdom!! Great to have her as a guest on our #OpenSource Initiative panel event tonight ๐Ÿ˜„

Image description: Karen addressing the meetup audience, speaking into a microphone, flanked by two other panelists.

Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers 

Every day I become more and more convinced that in our current global society, is a critical and non-negotiable piece of breaking the cycles of neocolonialism in the global south.

More on this line of thought to come.

REMINDER: The GUADEC 2019 call for proposals is happening now, and the deadline for submission is midnight (UTC+3) on May 13th. If you will be attending GUADEC in Greece this year and wish to give either a 25 or 40 min talk, get your proposal in asap! ๐Ÿ˜‹

In $dayjob news, our org's associated projects are working with a total of 40 interns this mid-year through Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, and Season of Docs.

Exciting times ahead for all of these awesome projects. Can't recommend these opportunities enough for growing projects.

#LPT: When evacuating an airplane, leave your bags, luggage behind. It is unbelievable this has to be explicitly stated. Your selfishness will kill people. It just happened in Russia. 40+ pax died but a lot of those that made it out had their luggage with them. Unbelievable.


From time to time #check if your #followers are real or not "dormant":

https://HERE_YOUR_DOMAIN /relationships?activity=dormant&order=active&relationship=followed_by&status=

or via Settings > Follows and Followers.

Watch the last column (right) at the bottom of the page,
those are the #accounts who haven't posted for about three monthes.


#Firefox #Fuckupfox
Well, I fixed the Addon-Problem with the
...and I had a look inside what it does... (adding an intermediate cert to certdb and reverify all addons)

So, does this mean every Addon can add any cert if it thinks this is funny? Isn't this another big security hole?

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