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Every day I become more and more convinced that in our current global society, is a critical and non-negotiable piece of breaking the cycles of neocolonialism in the global south.

More on this line of thought to come.

REMINDER: The GUADEC 2019 call for proposals is happening now, and the deadline for submission is midnight (UTC+3) on May 13th. If you will be attending GUADEC in Greece this year and wish to give either a 25 or 40 min talk, get your proposal in asap! ๐Ÿ˜‹

In $dayjob news, our org's associated projects are working with a total of 40 interns this mid-year through Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, and Season of Docs.

Exciting times ahead for all of these awesome projects. Can't recommend these opportunities enough for growing projects.

#LPT: When evacuating an airplane, leave your bags, luggage behind. It is unbelievable this has to be explicitly stated. Your selfishness will kill people. It just happened in Russia. 40+ pax died but a lot of those that made it out had their luggage with them. Unbelievable.


From time to time #check if your #followers are real or not "dormant":

https://HERE_YOUR_DOMAIN /relationships?activity=dormant&order=active&relationship=followed_by&status=

or via Settings > Follows and Followers.

Watch the last column (right) at the bottom of the page,
those are the #accounts who haven't posted for about three monthes.


#Firefox #Fuckupfox
Well, I fixed the Addon-Problem with the
...and I had a look inside what it does... (adding an intermediate cert to certdb and reverify all addons)

So, does this mean every Addon can add any cert if it thinks this is funny? Isn't this another big security hole?

Temp fix for Firefox Add-ons being disabled 


A short while ago we recovered from some excessive queuing related to some of the Mastodon relays added several months back.

This resulted in some delays on the "Home" and/or "Federated" timelines until the queues were cleared. Everything seems back to normal now.

Thanks to @rgggn for your report!

Feel free to get in touch directly here or on Matrix with questions or other issues.

Hey dear #fediverse, any FLOSS web application for hosting #podcasts you're aware of? Thanks! cc @switchingsocial

Today is privacy activist Ola Biniโ€™s birthday and he has been detained in Ecuador for the past 23 days. We are proud to support him and signed a letter to ask for his release #freeolabini

@purism Thx for this blog post. I would really appreciate it if you put a notice into Librem social that it is a fork of Tusky. Here is our opencollective in case you want to support the Tusky team

Not sure if I just missed the commentary, but did anyone else notice that the commecial by @lunduke released on YouTube is basically a copycat of the K-mart "Ship My Pants" commercial from several years ago?


I guess we shouldn't really be surprised, since their whole concept is simply taking others' work, repackaging, and reselling it.

ICYMI: Through design antipatterns asked new users to hand over email passwords. 1,500,000 people did. Then they mapped each user's list of email contacts to build a profiles of connections., Moderation Discussion 

OK, now this is seriously interesting: #Purism's fork of the #Mastodon server (known as #Smilodon) has two particular changes that caught my eye.

First, they disabled the public timelines, as well as private posts:

Second, they disabled reports?

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