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And it's available!

The latest "Free as in Freedom" episode covering the new Linux Foundation "CommunityBridge" project for sustainability & support:


Happy birthday πŸ˜„

1️⃣ :z1: :dice_1: :Subway1Train: πŸ• :bb1: ☝🏼

So is turning one year old this weekend.

What started as a simple fun experiment has turned into (I hope) a useful resource for a rapidly-growing number of people with similar values and interests.

Thanks to our dedicated and brilliant community of & supporters for joining in on the journey! And thanks for supporting distributed social networking through !

Read Korean?

Can you tell me which version(s) of Debian this book covers?

Copyright is 2017?

I'm helping update documentation and want to add correct information for this book

Is it about Kali or Debian or both?

It's linked to from the debian book list

This episode of Libre Lounge comes from Libre Planet where @joeyh sits down with @cwebber and @emacsen for a conversation about Secure Scuttlebutt, a security conscious offline social network.

Does anyone know what's the version that comes with ??? I guess it's the latest but can't find a source to confirm

AMP for email is bad. Google is bringing AMP to Gmail not for your convenience or to increase speed, but to change your mailbox into a platform for marketers so that the ads jump into your face. 😀 Tutanota will not support AMP. Our business model does not rely on irritating our users with targeted advertisements, but on offering a quality email service that users are happy to pay for. πŸ˜€

Excited for the next "Free as in Freedom" where they'll dive into the new Linux Foundation "CommunityBridge" project to replace nonprofits like ASF, FSF, Conservancy, Open Collective with a proprietary platform.

Every time I can nudge someone to add a license to an existing GitHub repository, I smile real big & get a nice warm feeling inside.

You should try it, too.

"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it."

β€” Hans Selye

I really miss a good #budget program for the desktop. I used to use #YNAB but discontinued for good when they went subscription-only.
Any #FLOSS or #OpenSource or #Free desktop programs that do the same envelope-style budget job? (I don't think I wanna use #Mint, though I know it's popular.) #Finances #Software #AskMasto

At #LibrePlanet, the Freedombox Foundation announced some exciting news: you can soon buy #FreedomBox kits!

This has been years in the making. We're very proud to partner with @olimex, a company which makes open source hardware.

Sales launch soon. Order:

Hey folks, our team is still hiring one more passionate developer that wants to help us make life better for people in the developing world.

Work remotely, or from our HQ in Washington DC.

Get in touch with me if you're interested, or apply directly:


Are you working on projects that can help international development & humanitarian response? If so, my day job's team has $100k USD to give to projects like yours next month.

Read more and apply now!

This Apple event, where they're announcing a credit card, an "arcade" for games, and an expanded TV app that's basically a streaming service, has me wanting to scream: Use Linux! Use FOSS! Avoid large walled gardens!


The "Apple Card" is a branded Goldman Sachs MasterCard.

You still so excited about it now?

Interesting. Driving good OSS projects is hard.
➑ Community guides for open source creators

Is there a desktop client for Mastodon that works on Linux? There are lots of nice Android apps, some interesting web-based clients, but outside of an app made for elementary OS (which I don't use) I can't find anything.

Does anybody have any links to docs that discuss pair programming with kids? Either adult-kid pairs or kid-kid pairs. #OneTeachOne

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