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So the Open Source Initiative election is coming up very soon:

I'm happy to see such a richly diverse set of candidates this election. is about freedom *for all*, so let's work together to make sure we aren't left with an all-white male board from only the US and EU.

The entire world needs strong community stewardship of Open Source more now than ever, and we are stronger when we stand together.

"CLAs also give rise to an asymmetry of legal power among a project's participants, which also discourages the growth of strong contributor and user communities around a project", couldn't agree more with Richard Fontana #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #governance #licensing #CLA

#LibrePlanet 2019 -- the FSF's conference dedicated to #freesoftware software and the free software community -- will be taking place at the Stata Center at MIT.

Do you like #freesoftware and bookkeeping? Are you also interested in a new job with a non-profit that is working to do good in the world? Perhaps you'll apply to work with us?

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Open source is fundamental to society because "the source code of software used for the implementation of laws and regulations defines the experience of the law by citizens."

A new episode of Libre Lounge with an announcement of a new series and new software! Episode 11:

Is any of my followers #LookingForAJob in #Web domain , pm me if you have strong #FLOSS culture and already part of related #communities , #Ethic matters too

Just registered for . Looking forward to talking with folks about that makes the world better, building new partnerships, and maybe even recruiting some new co-workers!

We had a great turnout today at CMU university in to talk about Google Summer of Code, Outreachy, and our work at the UN Foundation's Digital Impact Alliance.

Learn more about these great programs to help folks learn to get involved in :

Despite recent attempts by certain loudmouths at labeling me a neo-liberal supporter of , our day to day real work on use & protection for & work continues. Here's a preview of more to come this year.

"Never, never let anyone tell you that what you are doing is insignificant. Let them know that the sea is made up of drops of water. There is no way in which injustice can ever prevail over goodness." - Desmond Tutu


#FLOSS friends and lovers, jump on in and we'll add some discount to get @tom79 a shiny powerful development machine! ✊

@Mastodon any chance of the Twitter oAuth working again on bridge.joinmastodon?

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