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TOR browser for android is almost there. It's currently in Alpha, we need bug repports #fosdem

My entire journey has been worth it with this one brilliant piece of wisdom from Sage Sharp for newcomers:

Ask "what questions do you have" instead of "do you have any questions".

Lots of open sourced #accessibility, and why it's important to **include people with accessibility needs as the design process**

#A11y #fosdem

Was excited about this talk almost more than any other at #fosdem. is doing amazing work in identifying surveillance patterns in native apps on Android.

And their learnings are set up to be dev-ready, easily used in your own projects.

Donate to support them!

We're at @fosdem ! Come and visit our booth on the lower floor of building K (< of course).

One of the most important reminders for work that I keep on my wall is Kuhn's Paradox by @bkuhn_ebb_org.

Each day, more lines of freely-licensed code exist than ever before in human history. Each day, it also becomes more difficult to avoid proprietary software. @conservancy

For folks feeling confused why earlier (now retracted) remarks were unintentionally harmful, check out this short video. We need as many people as we can get safely & confidently participating in & the rest of the economy!

what's going on with ? since v1.0 I have not heard much... anything i missed?

Great to see a crowded room in the pre-#FOSDEM #policy #meeting. A meeting organised by #OpenForumEurope and @fsfe where policy makers and civil society organisations meet and discuss strategies that promote #FOSS on #European level in 2019.

#Elections #Commission #FreeSoftware

Impressed by the @fosdem team today. Having run my own (tiny) events with volunteer crews, I know how hard it is to keep track of emerging issues in real time. Was happy to see them listen to real concerns, and respond promptly in a mature way. Grateful for the team involved.

If you're at this year, be sure to encourage other people to try out @Mastodon this weekend! There are several instances dedicated to and .

One of the best things about the movement (beyond the ) is seeing folks pick up a cause that they care about, then over several years the thing is built up as a professional practice, supporting tools, and standardized best practices.

Dear conference speakers, please always use the microphone, even if you're afraid or if you're convinced the room is small enough. Many folks have hearing challenges but aren't comfortable admitting it.

Want to talk at about that saves the world? International development? Humanitarian response? Peacebuilding? Let's chat in Brussels Thursday to Monday.

Hello, World! Would you like to see a question and answers platform like Quora/StackExchange with ActivityPub support? And if yes, then how would such a platform be beneficial to you?

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