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The free libre open source analytics software Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is now on the fediverse:


They also have a website:

The software costs nothing if you self-host, and they also offer a paid hosted option for people who prefer it.

Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo's data stays entirely on the site that uses it. No one else has access to it, so there's no way for it to be aggregated across many sites.

#DeleteGoogle #Analytics #Matomo #Piwik #FLOSS

On the way to Google for an weekend with some of the world's top maintainers, even as I am actively degoogling the rest of my life.

The #Nextcloud News app is looking for more developers and a new maintainer. The main part is written in #JavaScript. Join us on Github if you are interested You can find open issues to get started and open pull request where we appreciate any help to test and review them. No matter if you fix a bug, help reviewing or add a cool new feature, we are happy to help you to get started as good as possible.

"It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work. Faith is mighty, but action with faith is mightier. Desiring is helpful, but work and desire are invincible."

- Thomas Robert Gaines

The Linux Journal posted an interesting article about our recent @fdroidorg release and the challenges we had to overcome to make this happen. #FOSS #opensource #FDroid #Tutanota Read it here:

The World is not set up to facilitate the best any more than it is set up to facilitate the worst. It doesn't depend on brilliance or innovation because if it did, the system would be unpredictable. It requires averages and predictables.

So, good deeds and brilliant ideas go against the grain of the social contract almost by definition. They will be challenged and will require enormous effort to succeed.

Most fail.

- Michael McDonough

Copyleft Conf's CFP is open! We'd love to hear from you and we'd love it if you helped us spread the word. ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

"Speaking truth to power while adhering to realistic hope remains the only viable way to community flourishing in a culture of fear."

- Kenyatta R. Gilbert

Hey Mastodon. I'm looking for a #FOSS app for #android to edit photos.

I would like to do basic editing such has cut and paste part of the image, filters ...
Light curve and cloning tool would be a nice extra.

I found nothing on #fdroid but maybe some of you know something !

Boost appreciated πŸ˜ƒ

Filling in the alt text on your posts' images is a great way to help blind people using screen readers, as they have no other way of knowing what is in the image.

There's now a bot service that sends you a DM if you have forgotten to add an alt text:


Follow the bot to start the service, unfollow to stop.

@kensanata Please add me to ActivityPub, Blockchain, BSD, Design, Devops, Digital Rights, Distributed Networks, Emacs, Engineering, Ethics, Fediverse, FLOSS, Friendly People, Gnome, Graphic Design, Hackerspace, Hardware, Information Technology, Infosec, Interaction Design, KDE, Linux, Makers, Mastodon, Mastodon Moderators, Mobile Technology, Open Education, Operating Systems, Programming, Python, QA, Sustainability, Sysadmins, Technology, Typography, Version Control, Wiki, Women in Tech. a conversation about what a respectful-of-users usage analytics service (to improve #FLOSS) would look like

#LinuxDays is on! Who woulda though I would meet fellow friends from Spain and Brazil here in Prague? :) #fedora #redhat #redhatcz #linux #opensource #foss #floss

Do you want to discuss #FreeSoftware, #OpenSource, #FLOSS, #FOSS topics but not necessarily on a mailing lists? Maybe the Discourse instance run by #FSFE is something you want to try? Help us to evaluate if this is a useful service for our community

In today's inbox:

"Get ready for Mozilla Festival with all these proprietary software tools like Slack & Guidebook!"

I have to wonder, what would be involved in designing a free software usage analytics service? Like described in

From the papers I've read I'm sure we could continue to strongly protect privacy as long as we constrain the range of the data we analyze.

My main problem (beyond having other time commitments) is not knowing what would be needed from such a system.

I think I want to know how I can run on a -V processor. How do I go about doing this?

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