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@ademalsasa @nahuelwexd AFAIK Telegram's centralized server is still proprietary and no one can review the source code, which is why I don't use it.

@yungyuc Hmm. Can you be more specific about what you're seeing? (Or not seeing?)

Are you considering @signalapp as an option, because it preserves privacy better? That is only half the story: it is also , with an open development model. Anyone can check its source code & how it is developed

Welcome to 2021! Today is the last day of our 2020 Fall Fundraiser so letโ€™s take one more look at all the great initiatives your donations and contributions have helped us accomplish.

@wauz @Lamdarer Yeah maybe so, although I feel like socio-economic and cultural influence would play a big part in fear complexes. Regardless, important questions.

@wauz @Lamdarer Interesting comparison. It would be an interesting sociological study to try to show that kind of causal connection, empirically...

@epi @matrix Last I checked Mattermost didn't do federation and still represented a single point of failure. If that has changed I'm happy to recommend it ๐Ÿ™‚

@gedvondur @matrix Maybe but I'm less interested in hypotheticals that scare people away and more interested in actual evidence of that happening.

The boss can pay EMS and get a 5-nines SLA and support contracts, which is as good or better service than you can get by paying Slack too. Ultimately in my experience procurement is all about having someone to blame if something goes wrong and that's what support agreements are about, in theory.

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