I just encountered this "DeGoogle" list on GitHub that might be good for @switchingsoftware to take a look at for potential options that may have been missed before:


Our Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, explains how we can restore #copyleft equality and rid ourselves of toxic proprietary relicensing (sometimes imprecisely called dual licensing) with a novel copyleft clause (invented by Richard Fontana for copyleft-next). sfconservancy.org/blog/2020/ja #GPL #FOSS #FOSSLicensing #AGPL

"Getting kicked in the rear is a sure sign you're in the front." - Kenneth E. Reed

@sir FYI -- ISOC is a DC nonprofit corporation and PIR is in PA. Any CA or VA registrations are foreign (out of state) operating registrations. PA atty gen and PA orphans court must review the conversion to for-profit. attorneygeneral.gov/

@Valenoern AFAIK at least in US law, copyright notice have no bearing on copyright itself. In other words, even without a notice the author(s) still have and can claim copyright in their work.

is there an android permission to forbid apps from connecting to the internet?
if not, then there should be!

per JohnLaprise on Twitter:

Special meeting on .org today Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG) call is devoted to the .org sale. The call is open to all. Here's your chance...

Tuesday 03 December 2019 at 20:00 UTC

At-Large Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG)

Zoom Link: icann.zoom.us/j/765717566

@amolith Agreed but @sir should update the post, because PIR is a Pennsylvania corporation which is why the Pennsylvania Orphan's Court has to approve its liquidation.

.org is a gTLD for everyone, and is foundational to the Internet, for individuals, non-profits, and everyone else. Don't let it be sold to a private interest without any oversight. savedotorg.org #SaveDotOrg

Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

today, our site swiso.org joined the #SaveDotOrg initiative to keep .org-domains non-profit.

We host our site on a .org domain. Furthermore, we heavily rely on services hosted on .org domains - as for example @codeberg

Please consider supporting the initiative by spreading the word or signing the letter:


@brainwane I am aware of the project, although given the fact that they chose to not disclose the project name publicly, I don't want to betray that trust. It is a very cool & valuable project, and I strongly encourage anyone interested to apply who thinks they might possibly be qualified. πŸ˜„

Please join us in the signing of this petition and consider adding years to your .org registration today.

5541 letters have currently been sent to stop the sale - add your name now!

Save .ORG

Help stop the sale of Public Interest Registry to a Private Equity Firm



For the past 15 years, the world's top leaders gather for a weekend mind-share at the Mentor Summit. This year, 370 maintainers from 43-ish countries attending. The best event each year in the world. Let's do this!

Why RMS was actually lynched. 

@davidpgil It's not about free speech. It's about damaging the trust in what you've been designated to lead. Being a serial violator of an organization's code of conduct is more than a "personality flaw", it's a disqualification to claim leadership of that organization. Bradley Kuhn put it best: ebb.org/bkuhn/blog/2019/10/15/

@davidpgil Written by a radical conspiracy theorist with a decades old axes to grind. This is not the reality of the situation. Being abusive toward underrepresented groups in FLOSS is not "doing what's right"

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