@alcinnz Was there live in the audience. It was really great! Worth a watch.

"Never, never let anyone tell you that what you are doing is insignificant. Let them know that the sea is made up of drops of water. There is no way in which injustice can ever prevail over goodness." - Desmond Tutu


@tootbrute hope you'll share your experience; more people need to hear more about it both good and areas for improvement

@tootbrute I have used it yes ... Its fit depends on one's use cases. Easy to download and try as there's no central account to maintain. (Although you can link devices to the same profile/ID)

@amolith @WillMcIntosh someone complained in a GH issue about it but it was closed some time ago, seemed pretty clear they weren't going to change their model

@amolith @WillMcIntosh It's GPL but they add additional "legal terms" restrictions on top of the license, which IMHO are contrary to the Open Source Definition. Sketchy at best.

@WillMcIntosh Wire & Telegram are not open source, Signal is not fully free either due to Google dependencies. Consider @Jami jami.net formerly known as Ring. Fully decentralized.

#FLOSS friends and lovers, jump on in and we'll add some discount to get @tom79 a shiny powerful development machine! ✊

@Mastodon any chance of the Twitter oAuth working again on bridge.joinmastodon?

@vinnl @gwmngilfen Only location restrictions would be legal authorization AFAICT.

I wish more people would use a on top of or even instead . Hashtags can be muted. Think about it.

If you're a developer interested in projects that make the world better, our team wants to hire someone like you. Got coding chops, passion, & a good internet connection? Let's make it happen!


The #FSFE's #Newsletter February is out: Read about our new expert #publiccode policy brochure, #Huawei and trust in code, about #FOSDEM, #35C3, #FOSS4SMEs and the Next Generation Internet.

Also remember "I love #FreeSoftware day" tomorrow #IloveFS : )

Who here's familiar with Rust? And it's automatic code generation facilities?

I want some advice.

@cwebber and @emacsen are back from FOSEM and CopyleftConf with a new episode all about their experiences, Chris's grant to work on Spritely and some exciting talks. All in the new episode of Libre Lounge librelounge.org/episodes/episo

Don't get me wrong, I support folks finding ways to earn money & resources for their efforts! But I also want to make sure they're looking fully at the options to get the most out of the resources they have. And I want to make sure people feel confident in giving money & resources to projects, that they're getting the most "bang for their buck".

The more confidence we inspire, the more we'll get people chipping in.

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