Proprietary software is implicitly exclusionary and intolerant (it's all or nothing - it is created by those who don't, in general, tolerate compatibility or competition as it threatens their shareholder value maximisation).

As such, taking into account the Paradox of Intolerance, we who want a tolerant digital world, need to stop tolerating it.


@ademalsasa do you know a good tutorial to start to be system admin and mount a Mastodont instance. (related to what we were talking before about instaces, maintenance, etc. we should add howtos on creating an instance, wouldn't we? and also to start to be a good system admin?

Do you want to learn more about #FreeSoftware in the legal context? βš–οΈ

Join the #FSFE Legal Education Day.

This event is for developers, users and contributors to Free Software who might still have some legal questions.

Save the date!

New on the reading list: "The Rise of Digital Repression" from Steven Feldstein

Interesting new book discussing political repression that is enabled by , , , etc.

Stellarium is a free and open source, multi-platform desktop planetarium, renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL

Install: PPA repository, Deb, RPM, Snap, Flatpak and AppImage packages, EXE (Windows), .App (macOS)

@isharefreedom Do not use that kind of language as a reply to my post. There is actual real human slavery going on in the planet. Software freedom is important, but it's only part of what we need to fix in this world.


@csepp I blocked that fool but worth pointing out:

Never before has a vaccine been considered for US recommendation based on such a big data package.

In addition to the +40,000 people in Pfizer-BioNTech's Phase 3 trial, there are observation data studies including 680,000 subjects.

Apparently there are still a lot of people out there that don't understand that most and licenses require attribution where you give credit to the creators whose work you are reusing or building upon. Being a good digital citizen and doing this only helps grow the commons. Don't forget.

"It will not work. Man is not suited to endure such a reckless idea of freedom. It is one thing to imagine a state of freedom, quite another to live it. The mind is capable of painting freedom as infinity, but no one has the emotional staying power to realize it. By throwing off tradition, custom, and social convention as the yoke of repression, man is essentially going to war against himself. It is a war he cannot hope to win."

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"This revolution is different: it is man against society. Previous revolutions have been motivated out of despair against poverty, misery, and injustice. This revolution is different: it is motivated out of despair against the limitations of the human condition. It is the ultimate revolution."

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Once upon a time (1988) conservatives in the US believed personal included social responsbility:

"Beginning with the Greeks, to be free meant to be free from arbitrary and capricious rule. It did not mean freedom from social sanctions. It meant that individuals could freely pursue their own interests, consistent always with respect for the rights of others and in deference to the general interests of society."

@dch If you use this Ansible playbook, it contains docker images for homeserver and element both so you could run it with its own default in the form field.

@lightweight Nice. Are you still using the "standard" Discourse Docker deployment as part of this, or something more bespoke?


Making OSS accessible to the next gen of contributors is a priority that faces challenges. Join’s Dominik George @ to learn how youth contribute to open source, and how we can β€œescape making them second-class FOSS citizens.” Register now:


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