✊🏼 So proud of the activists that stood up at the keynote and called out ongoing abuse by of people around the world.

More of this, please.



🔎 Important new article this week in Jacobin magazine.

It's an important awakening (or reminder) that policy continues a multi-front attack on and digital autonomy by continuing to strengthen and through fearmongering and the spectre of whatever country the boogeyman-of-the-quarter might be. 1/4


🚨 :facebook: NEW: is collecting ultrasensitive personal about seekers and enabling anti-abortion organizations to use that data as a tool to target and influence people online, in violation of its own policies and promises.


👀 Looks like the US caught wind of the bulk data collection projects that were running and wanted a taste of that sweet sweet personal .


From escaping corporate to protecting for activists and you and me, can help our world heal from the years of harm that technology has enabled.

Check out the campaign today to learn more about software freedom and how it can make our lives better.

🚨 NEW: Private data on 500,000 vulnerable people held by a contractor of the global Red Cross around the world have been compromised.

The growing culture of data colonization, especially by nonprofits, must stop. This is why I quit my last job: Lives continue to be put at risk in the name of revenue and .

"Your actions could potentially cause yet more harm and pain to those who have already endured untold suffering."



For those tracking the in Europe this week, a minor win but frustrating loss as Device Neutrality makes it in, but standards & interoperability did not, keeping the door open for unchecked from big tech.

More early reporting from @fsfe here:


New on the reading list: "The Rise of Digital Repression" from Steven Feldstein

Interesting new book discussing political repression that is enabled by , , , etc.


I just signed a petition calling on to shutdown their location data collection. Will you join me?



Having cognitive dissonance with the notion of conducting a discussion event on top of a platform. But that said, ya gotta start somewhere! 😉

(This message will be echoed from Mastodon to Twitter.)

ICYMI: Through design antipatterns asked new users to hand over email passwords. 1,500,000 people did. Then they mapped each user's list of email contacts to build a profiles of connections.


TIL you don't have to install Android apps to use , , and mobile services.

They're all available through mobile web clients just fine, and only get your location (only) when you're using it for what you need to do.

With Fennec (Firefox) on Android you can even install a handy icon on your launcher screen to tap.

What other apps can be replaced by mobile web experiences?

"NBC has obtained THOUSANDS of pages of leaked internal documents show that Facebook wasn’t just spitballing about selling access to user data - the plans had buy-in among Zuck, Sandberg and were pitched to the board of directors"


"If we do not fix our breaking world — and that must be our priority — technology will likely only hasten the demise of the human race. The context cannot be solved by technology alone; governments must take action. But most existing governments are equally incapable of sorting this out."


When browsers are made by advertising companies:

"With privacy and online tracking being such a large problem and major concern for many users, you would think that browser developers would give you the option to disable anything that could affect your privacy."


"Society’s technology genius is not lacking, its moral genius is. Trust in Big Tech is eroding rapidly. No Big Tech company has core values that help our digital rights."


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