⛔ Some people think that if they just keep trying enough times to write into , the world's problems will all disappear.

🎁 Others of us know that - for everyone, yes, even our enemies - is the only proven way to guarantee can be used to protect , fight , and save the and ourselves.

:boost_requested: If you think more people should realize the difference.


📉 Does anyone know if still uses usernames as primary keys in its database?

Having involuntarily managed many of their tools, I can't say I'm surprised that they are not profitable after 20 years.

And still concerned so many projects use their stuff. needs Free tooling.


💡 It leaves out the important reminder that many of the used to create this so-called "public " have their roots in , which allows citizens to control of their own "digital lives" without government or quasi-government corporate as intermediary.

e.g., I may have a Chinese-made phone sold with Google's spyware, but because it's I am free to install a privacy-protecting OS instead.



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session Q&A today

Q from virtual attendee: "I would like to participate in $PROJECT but have concerns about your policy. What to do?"

A from speaker: "Please join our Slack to discuss..."


Lots of understandable concern today as announced their new availability today. Probably worth a reminder that @conservancy has convened a working group on , , and other related issues, especially for and contributors.

Perhaps you or others may want to join or read more?

Boosts welcome! :boost_requested:


A month ago my fit-test wasn't enough to avoid record-level infected air on a 90% unmasked Delta Airlines flight, so I'm watching this week's Summit from home, and still coughing.

Enjoy, stay smart, and stay safe.

The pandemic will go on indefinitely for the exact same reason software has a chronic crisis. And the same reason the ongoing remains.

Collective human will could quickly end any of them.

With so many and on here, I'm surprised to not see more talk about building and perfecting the for cleaner indoor air quality.

I've done one, but anybody else tried making these for air filter / ventilation?


:covid19: 📰 TODAY: Stockholder and international will be introducing resolutions at the annual shareholders meetings of and , demanding they their for global equity to help speed an end to the

Presentations to be made by the Director-General of and others.


legal team have banned contributors living in Russia, Belarus, and occupied Ukraine from participating in Summer of Code. That'll really teach Putin a lesson...


& has its own version of regulatory capture.

Have you seen it yet?

If not, look closer.

:opensource: And now there is an election for "individual" board members.

🤔 Which corporate tech giant should get my vote?

👀 The proprietary software SaaS voting platform whose trackers also share my personal information with Google awaits....

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(4/3) TLDR: Just as the OSI said at opensource.org/osd-annotated ... by its intrinsic nature requires free redistribution and allows anyone to do so.

"If we didn't do this, there would be lots of pressure for cooperators to defect." -- OSI

If you want to pick and choose who gets your software based upon what country they're in, that's proprietary software.

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:opensource: The Definition rule 1 requires "Free Redistribution" of software released under its approved licenses, and that that general license granted to everyone "shall not restrict any party from selling or giving away the software".



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In this article, the Initiative has stated that "restricting access to open source distribution could be an effective means of protest" of the war in and that it is a "fine distinction" to make.

I strongly disagree for two primary reasons.



As lawmakers and other so-called policy experts become aware of the usage of & tools being used in the "cyberwarfare" currently underway, get ready for an uptick for a rehash of the old "Ethical Source" conversations and others suggesting that somehow copyright licenses & laws would stop people from doing bad things using their software.

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