Good recap article (and comments) posted today at looking back at the license evaluation and why it didn't pass community review.

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How long have you been involved with / ? (If you consider yourself having been involved!)

Amused that the outage today is preventing so much work from being done, when decentralized platforms like @matrix still exist and are running just fine. Why do people keep using these walled gardens?

Our extended UN open source family is growing. Looking for someone with an dev background but it's not a coding role.

If this looks interesting to anyone let me know and I can connect you to the right people. Or feel free to share with others.

Apparently today the US President is threatening to shut down Companies that don't agree with him.

Fortunately for us, distributed networks like make that pretty difficult for dictators to do.

Even in a post-IE world, is still sadly treating users of browsers like as second-class citizens, taking a page from the playbook.

Almost time for Google Summer of Code students to be announced: If you are accepted, congratulations!

Watch these "pro tips" from veteran mentors for advice and next steps, then contact your mentor today!


Someone asked me for a recommendation for a client for . Anyone know of something good?

is under attack by those who want to start allowing discrimination. And they're wrapping this co-option under the disguise of the so-called "ethical source" flag. If this special interest group takes over the Open Source Initiative board it would mean the end of freedoms that protect over 100 humanitarian open source projects.

If you're a member, check your email and vote right now for Megan Byrd-Sanicki & Josh Simmons.

Stand up for human rights. Stand up for software freedom.

Today is day.

Humanitarian projects that rely on the freedoms guaranteed by the Definition, are under attack by so-called special interests, who are trying to coopt the movement to replace those freedoms with discrimination.

If you're an OSI member, vote tomorrow for board members that will rise against this hostile takeover. If not, join as a member today then vote tomorrow.

Most folks I work with at the nexus of humanitarian work and are experienced enough to know one can't meaningfully lessen global-scale atrocities with something so simple & weak as a copyright infringement claim.

If you don't want people mis-using stuff you make, don't make stuff.

If you want reduce inequity & atrocities, give people working on those problems building blocks with OSI-approved licenses so they can more easily do their good work.

For the past 15 years, the world's top leaders gather for a weekend mind-share at the Mentor Summit. This year, 370 maintainers from 43-ish countries attending. The best event each year in the world. Let's do this!

Important read: Bradley Kuhn no longer director:

His thoughtful post reminds me, FSF has a separate class of voting members. Did resign as a voting member or just as dir/president? It's unclear.

Per the bylaws, the voting members are effectively "in charge" of the organization because they are the ones who name the board of directors.

Can someone help me understand?

If is "free labor for corporations", how exactly is it not *also* "free labor for individuals" or small groups of citizens?

The same tactics are why temporarily pulled ahead in support, but fortunately greater forces are at play that can even overcome the damage done by 's behavior.

Chernobyl's nuclear mess wasn't cleaned up quickly, and neither will be the . Fortunately, is larger and stronger than the organization.

I am still holding out hope for the org, but my hope in the movement is far more certain.


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So Pages has finally rolled out their automatic integration for hosted web sites. It's quite painless and automatically renews certs. So glad that I don't have to manually do this or maintain some brittle CI-based scripts anymore.

If you've got a GL-hosted site, take the next 90 seconds and go secure it!

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