💶🏆💵 Know an individual, team, or organization creating for good? Tell them to apply for the 2022 Pizzigati Prize, which celebrates software and awards cash grants.


Kailash Nadh on and funding:

"Modern economic systems and civilisation are so intertwined that one cannot even begin to think of ways to untangle them to carve out a better situation for when these are the same systems that are responsible for graver problems like extreme income inequality and planetary destruction."

Read the rest of " is not broken":


Cool cool, @Gargron moving all @Mastodon project discussion behind a proprietary walled garden that requires agreement with Microsoft terms of service (and their analytics tracking). Now THAT makes a ton of sense. 🤦‍♂️


A new episode of EFF's "How to Fix the Internet" podcast has dropped, and focuses on with the always-insightful @jamesvasile.

Listen to "The Revolution Will Be " via the Internet Archive:


Has anyone spent time thinking about the concept and / / ?

I have some ideas and concepts that I'd like to try to (in)validate.

☘️ friends: Come join us (virtually!) In Ireland to learn about in Government. My colleague Sherman will be speaking about our latest project GovStsck, and many other experts! 11 Nov at 1:30pm IST.


Finally checked up on @keyoxide and they've done a great job! I dropped them a donation and you should too -- just after you set up your profile.


📰 ICYMI: The program approved 733 applicants to continue onto the contribution period; they received a record 3,308 initial applications for this mid-year round. 🎉

So many unreached potential contributors. Read more about this round, and donate a little money if you can to support this important program.


I mean, seriously, when have 3,000 people ever agreed on *anything*?

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The ray of hope at the end of this week is that I believe the free and software movements are more unified than ever before that intolerance, abuse, and disrepect from our leaders will no longer be allowed. That's a great thing and a good first step toward visions like . techautonomy.org/

For the past 36 hours, I have been getting death threats from cult supporters of Honorary "Doctor" Richard , for demanding accountability after his decades of abusive behavior.

And I'm far from alone.

The @fsf is not only irrelevant to in the 21st century, it must be shut down.

Kudos to for its integrity in publicly banning and affiliated projects from participation in the program due to the reinstatement of Richard to its Board of Directors.

More: outreachy.org/blog/2021-03-23/

(2/2) If you have not yet canceled your membership, I encourage you to do so. could be playing a critical role in the (and ) movements, but its founders syndrome means that they continue to be more interested in persisting toxic leadership then promoting a positive future.

I am disappointed but not surprised. Our movement deserves better than what the FSF is able to offer us.

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So happy the intimable Bradley Kuhn of @conservancy just announced as recipient of the 2020 award for the Advancement of Free Software. Can't think of anyone so deserving, especially in this of all years.

board of directors voting is now open. There are two individual member seats and two affiliate member seats up this time around. If you are a member, take a thoughtful look at the candidates, then check your email for your ballot.


Get an job! is hiring a senior software engineer for a flexible hours contract. Write code that helps lives around the planet.


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