The planet is warming due to human activities, primarily burning fossil fuels & deforestation.

is happening here & now, and is already affecting everyone. The consequences will get worse for each bit of further warming.

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2005 ... yet somehow it was only the most recent logo that spawned provoking the owner into action by revoking DNS admin rights. (7/7)

And let's remind ourselves of the timeline that led to the "hostile takeover", starting with the most recent addition of one of their server sponsors' logo this year, 2021: (1/7)

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The logo went up on the website way back in 2016 even before it became the new owner. Staff didn't revoke the owner's access to the domain registration and nobody complained about a "hostile takeover" back then. Why this time?

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🎡 one of the time zones is not like the other

🎢 one of these times just doesn't belong

"When we it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe."

- Frantz Fanon

"If you live in this system of white supremacy, you are either fighting the system or you are complicit. There is no neutrality to be had towards systems of injustice, it is not something you can just opt out of."

-- Ijeoma Oluo

"Great moments in human history usually drive an opposition that is exactly proportional to their greatness."

-- John Perry Barlow

Even in a post-IE world, is still sadly treating users of browsers like as second-class citizens, taking a page from the playbook.

The World Health Organization has already supplied more than 1.5 million testing kits to 126 countries worldwide (with shipments to 10 more countries on the way).

Help support efforts to . Give to the .

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