⛔ Some people think that if they just keep trying enough times to write into , the world's problems will all disappear.

🎁 Others of us know that - for everyone, yes, even our enemies - is the only proven way to guarantee can be used to protect , fight , and save the and ourselves.

:boost_requested: If you think more people should realize the difference.

@downey when translated to freedom of speech laws in my country (Philippines), the government uses the vague anti-terrorist laws to detain and murder journalists without trial and restrict freedom of press. (Criticizing mass murders of innocent civilians and the imposing martial law is considered terrorism apparently)

But on software, I'm not sure how this works, but I'm sure your message is for the good.
Can you give me an example on how this can be used against progressive people?

@downey I look forward to the UN suing an anti-abortion group for copyright infringement. I'm sure our federal court system and elected officials will respond positively to that development.

@wwahammy @downey Indeed. Also, to solve complex social problems it will be helpful for water companies to cut water access from people and businesses falling on the wrong side of the company's policy on the matter. Let them drill their own well or carry water from another town, if they don't agree with the owner of the expensive water pipes!

@pixelcode @downey I believe giving contributors and excuse to sue users based on a pretty vague standard is an immensely bad idea.

@downey “Others of us know that #FreeSoftware for fascists is the only proven guarantee #tech can be used to fight #fascism.”

What a nonsense.

@downey It's not what you explicitly said; it's what your statement can be interpreted as when replacing the term “our enemies” with “fascists”, as an example.

I just assumed that fascists are, in fact, “our enemies” (correct me if I'm wrong).

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