🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:


and of course

and last but not least

@downey I clicked on XMPP. I meant to click on Email.

@downey For the last one, I prefer Matrix but in some case emails are still needed (ex: job applications or administrative stuff).

@downey I went email because it's the one I'd most struggle without but really all of them.

@downey I'm looking on mobile so I don't get the emote hints - is the second one Matrix?

@downey okay now hold up. I think I use almost every option provided across all three, pretty much equally 😆

@downey fine.

I choose debian and emacs... For a decent daily driver that's well supported and capable, with plenty of extensibility

I choose arch and vim... For a flashy machine that leaves the house more often, and is still capable of my standard workloads, though maybe a little more straightforward.

I chose. 😈


What? No Mastodon / ActivityPub, when you're literally asking ON Mastodon...?

Truth is, I'm still sort of stuck on email. Not overly happy with instant messaging as a mode of communication: all the time-pressure of an in-person meeting, but even fewer non-verbal cues than a phone call (which I already hated for the same reasons).

@downey Confused E-mail Icon with Message (SMS) Icon, Otherwise would have chosen E-mail or Matrix, but chosen Matrix finally.
Why these polls? Personal research or something?

Finally. Vim beats emacs. A pleasure. /me run

@x2ero @downey What else did you expect? Of course an editor is a better editor than an operating system could ever be.


I used Vim at need because I learned on vi.

But I actually use Kate or editors embedded in Eclipse, except for when I'm constrained to a terminal interface.

@downey I wanted to go for pencil but the check mark wouldn't register

Re: text editors 

@downey All of the above (Emacs+evil, NeoVim, pen/paper), each for a specific use case... I voted for pencil/pen, since pen/paper is the most beautiful of the three options

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