📉 Does anyone know if still uses usernames as primary keys in its database?

Having involuntarily managed many of their tools, I can't say I'm surprised that they are not profitable after 20 years.

And still concerned so many projects use their stuff. needs Free tooling.

Maybe @michael can tell you more. I know that he is one of these poor souls that has to maintain at least one instance! (He should ask for a raise, to compensate for the pain)

@downey 'is no longer loved by developers' ... I missed the part where it was ever loved by anyone besides middle management?

As far as I know: yes.

(Clients we work with use it. Since the user name is derived from legal one, marriages are „fun“ from what I have heard).

@RyunoKi Indeed. We once had a team member who thought they would just go into the database and change their username with a script that did not capture all the places it appeared. I don't think that system ever fully recovered.

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