Thanks for the info.

Is it firewall-blockable? Which port?

@downey I'm gonna sniff the User Agent and return 404...

@downey oh it gets one worse, did you turn on safe links? Well Office365 visits the link for you and scans the page. Totally breaks one visit password reset systems.

@h3artbl33d Yep. Got yesterday a information, switch from Google private cloud for mail (or however they call that) to Microsoft mail things (but no details). @downey

@me Neither have any respect for the privacy of their customers/users/products. So happy with my own mailservers. And have a growing number of organisations on it too! However, it is a harder struggle to switch their flow (eg: Outlook => Thunderbird).


@h3artbl33d I see it as fun thing. Their Microsoft infrastructure part got hacked a view weeks ago ... @downey

@me Office 365 (Exchange Online) was compromised multiple times before. And somehow, the mails Microsoft sent out to inform about the breach ended up in the spambox. If they can't even manage to get that right, I have zero trust in their skills.


@h3artbl33d ;-) that happened if the egg is more smart then the chicken. @downey

@downey Even worse, if you use Microsoft Outlook, it sends all of the email, the whole thing, to Microsoft Outlook.

@downey We are living in the land of junktech, I guess. Not cool.

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