:covid19: 🤦‍♂️ Today is a good day to point out that there are 15,000,000+ dead from and poor countries are still only 15% vaccinated.

FACT: The WILL continue until people and countries stop being selfish.

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BTW, even if your place in the world is 100% vaccinated, until the entire world is also fully vaccinated, there will continue to be variant factories that keep cranking out new attempts at breaking through your immunity.

. Fast.

@downey I am not clear on how vaccinations stop variants from developing. Please explain

If the vaccine would prevent even an infection for a sufficient long time and everybody in the world that could be a host (even animals) could be vaxxed at the same time one could eradict a virus (which happened in history only once with smallpox).
Since there is no such vaccine it is not only not possible but it causes variants that are particularly adept in evading the vaccine, possible with horrible consequences ➡️

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