We're going to submit another build with some fixes to the Play Store today. (Please do not ask about F-Droid).

@Gargron don't ask about @fdroidorg ? Why not? Not gonna be there? Not FOSS enough for Fdroid?

@herag @fdroidorg Because we submitted everything 2 weeks ago and they are dragging their feet on accepting it because their build system is outdated

Which is why I added it to my repo ASAP, which often serves as "stepping stone" in such cases. As pointed out in another toot, we (@fdroidorg) are just in the progress to upgrade our build servers. We prefer not to hasten that and live with avoidable bugs, but rather start as stable as possible 😋


@IzzyOnDroid Ooh, I thought there wasn't an upgrade path possible when moving to a differently-signed build?

@downey What different build? The APK in my repo is signed by @Gargron himself. Other than the "main repo", I do not compile from source but use the packages the developers provide. So folks coming from Play can easily update from my repo.

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