As lawmakers and other so-called policy experts become aware of the usage of & tools being used in the "cyberwarfare" currently underway, get ready for an uptick for a rehash of the old "Ethical Source" conversations and others suggesting that somehow copyright licenses & laws would stop people from doing bad things using their software.


Oh, in the ActivityPub community that happened already pretty much after the thing with the friend of Putin.

For 1 ActivityPub thing, I then took venture capital and did it closed for my “family”, Gruner+Jahr (stern, Geo etc.) 2 years ago.
Today Gruner+Jahr belongs to an evil private tv company.

I would just wish that real funding for prosocial and profacts Open Source would exist.

@downey Do you have a working group at UN on this matter? If so I would love to hear about that 😀 or did you quit there already?

@suguru I'm not aware of any UN-related groups specifically thinking about this issue per se. The closest is probably

The Open Source Initiative is probably the next most involved organization as stewards of the Open Source Definition (of non-discrimination):

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