When I was 12 years old I was volunteering at a museum. One day I noticed one of the adult volunteers had a number 65316 tattooed on his arm so I asked him about it.

He told me, and his story taught me an awful lot about the world.

And you can take 3 minutes to watch, listen, and learn from him too.


If Mike's story has you curious to learn more, the full interview is available for streaming in a few parts totaling close to 3 hours:

Written transcript (PDF):

@downey In Secondary I was uniquely privileged to attend testimony twice.

It's a shame not everyone gets the opportunity to meet these people, whilst much of what was said has faded I'll never forget how… _alive_ they were. Zigi in particular seemed 50, 60 years younger even as they answered questions they'll have heard many times before on a topic so truly horrific.

Sad to think future generations will only have recordings, which really isn't the same.

@downey I do hope though that as the last witnesses to the Holocaust leave us that we remember it was by no means the last, and certainly not the first, genocide and that we continue to listen to those that were present.

In these increasingly divided times I'm oft reminded of Niemöller's poem, especially its call for us to stand up for others — even those we may strongly disagree with.

Because you never know, one day, just maybe, I may need someone to speak out for me.

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