Has anyone spent time thinking about the concept and / / ?

I have some ideas and concepts that I'd like to try to (in)validate.

I haven't spent any time thinking about it, but I'd be happy to be a sounding board. The concept is appealing to me.

@downey I have wondered how far DIY socialism can go?

Sure you can have what you need, parts are in the back, if you're not too annoying you can ask for help.

There has been this KDE Eco initiative that was presented at fsfcon and just got a new website:
Otherwise it's a subject I'm interested in but I'm not necessarily super knowledgeable...

@downey @3rik is leading the FSFE's sustainability area, so surely has some thoughts

@downey Hi Michael, I actually spent quite some time thinking about concept and theories of connections between circluar economy & upcycling with Free Sofware. For the FSFE of course and also with other people thinking about similar things. Would be happy to connect with you on that.

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