Finally checked up on @keyoxide and they've done a great job! I dropped them a donation and you should too -- just after you set up your profile.

@downey @keyoxide Hi! Related to #DeleteKeybase, anything bad happened? I have not been keeping up with the news on that matter

They were sold out to Zoom last year, which has a really bad privacy reputation & history.

@downey much appreciated 🤗 thanks!

It's been a bit quiet lately but there should be some interesting announcements soon 😎

It was mostly 1 person orchestra. Of course there were other contributers too but they were mostly fixing little typos here and there. I ain't discrediting other contributors. I am just admiring the great job @yarmo done that makes people think @keyoxide was a product of a larger team.

@murtezayesil @yarmo @keyoxide Very true for so many open source projects ... I think most people take it for granted just how much of the stuff we rely on often is cared for by just one or two people. Related:

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