Not a particularly convincing application for an account on this instance:

"looking for alternatives to facebook and twitter that don't ban you on free speech you can say what you want for what our country of the United States is founded for"


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@downey I'm sure 'cancel culture' will figure prominently in their toots.

@downey Twitter and Facebook's problem is not that they "ban free speech", but the fact that their powered IA moderation tools are as arbitrary as it gets.

In mastodon there is more free speech, in the sense that you can choose several instances with different moderation rules, sure, most of them follow a similar ruleset, but then you have more 4chan ish pleroma instances.

@lorabe @downey exactly. Facebook once deleted a post of mine because it contained the word retarded in spanish, even though I used it for saying something acted slowly. It was pretty weird

@downey Good rule of thumb: if you find two of the following words in such an application, ignore it: free speech, ban, patriot, censorship

The terms "free speech" and "censorship" in conjunction with complaints really seem to be only used by alt-rights and trolls these days, as confusing as this may sound. At least that's what I notice in my bubbles, hopefully it's different for others.

@downey I'm full for free speech! Super important, but that can't be used to degrade others

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