2005 ... yet somehow it was only the most recent logo that spawned provoking the owner into action by revoking DNS admin rights. (7/7)


I think that the initial fuzz was somewhat stretched, and I could not really see a reason to migrate off freenode.


Freenode showed themselves capable today, when they kidnappad channels

@selea Did they do that to any non-abandoned channels? I admit I haven't checked to see, but the only cases I heard about were channels that the owners had abandoned and moved things to another network.

@downey @selea They did it to at least one channel that setup a relay bot to sync messages between Freenode and Libera. Both sides seem to be bad actors in this unfortunate mess.

@sbanwart @selea Agreed on that much -- the IRCops' attempted coup via making up started a chain reaction that will not be healed.

@downey @sbanwart @selea

IIRC at least one channel I heard of had a potential move or undecided in the topic, and gotten taken over.

It seems all channels mentioning got taken over.

furthermore I consider moving channels to a new network quite normal, and would have expected a longer grace period instead of a forced push on small channels and everything.
We are talking about days in which a lot is unfolding, while answers in IRC sometimes take longer.

All in all, no winners.

@mwfc @downey @selea Sadly, both sides seem to be bent on continuous escalation and "winning". Nobody has handled themselves properly throughout this entire event.

@sbanwart @downey @selea

For me, once you start abusing the user base, it is game over. That is what I sadly witnessed. So all trust from my side in freenode which I have been using for more than 15 years is alas gone.

Wikimedia and other large channels being take over w/o grace period in a obviously scripted action with lots of fallout is imho inacceptable. Many unknown small projects (less than 10 users) that moved got taken over.

@sbanwart @downey @selea

so we are not talking about channels squatting the namespace. We are talking about communities move and trying so in a as appropiate fashion as possible on irc.

Furthermore, I would expect any network drastically changing government to experience the same. Some will leave, some will stay. People will use that to sort out their infrastructure. Would they get taken over if they moved to matrix? After less than a week? w/o Warnings even with Founders present?

@sbanwart @downey @selea

Access revoked, channel taken over. That is what I witnessed in a dozen channels I have been on. Founders flabbergasted because they decided to move and tried to communicate it well.

IMHO freenode lost all trust in this situation to handle communities.

Meanwhile, IRC drama is nothing new. W/o really following the drama I saw multiple red lines overrun in a short timeframe. And I have seen my share as Oper and User in the last 23 years.

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