The volunteer IRCops, in their quest to wrestle power away from its owner, may win the battle for getting users to move to their new server, but they are doing massive damage to over the long term by manufacturing this "hostile takeover" that was based on lies and provocation.

Here, a leader in IRCv3 development and KiwiIRC client gives up on IRC completely because of this stupid drama:

For me, it's just redoubled my support of but it's a shame.

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And let's remind ourselves of the timeline that led to the "hostile takeover", starting with the most recent addition of one of their server sponsors' logo this year, 2021: (1/7)

@downey I stopped using IRC years ago, and pretty much only use e-mail/lists for development.

@downey I didn't really care to take sides in this until #Freenode admins started seizing at least hundreds of channels from their ops for merely mentioning #Libra. At that point it is difficult to feel any sympathy at all for Freenode.

@aspie4K You mean cleaning up abandoned channels? That's been a longstanding policy AFAIK.

@downey @aspie4K I don't have a horse in this race as a minimal IRC user, but those channels were definitely not abandoned. Check some of the logs that have been published.

@downey @aspie4K what about all the channels that didn't move but got bounced for saying they were thinking about it or were maintaining presences in both?

@GreenLeaderFanClub @downey

Yeah for real. Apparently the channels for some of the biggest tech companies and open source projects on the planet were "abandoned" lmao okay.

Even if that was the case (it's not), it still is not a defence for taking over any room that mentioned their competition.

That'd be like setting up a Masto server that banned anyone for mentioning Pleroma.

Glad to see IRC hasn't changed substantially since I was involved in it 20 years ago.
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