I just became a monthly supporter of @fsfe in response to yet another attack by Daniel Pocock on organizations doing good work for the movement (not only but also ).

He has a long documented history of harvesting and abusing email addresses for his own personal vendettas; so this latest one with the GitHub repos is nothing new.

@downey @fsfe Ugh, I generally avoid reading any the mailing list threads he's started at Fedora. He seems to have a real axe-to-grind with Debian.

@downey I remember him trying to start threads on the Fedora mailing list about the supposed bad treatment at Debian, and being repeatedly told not to. Seems like a really difficult guy to deal with.

@bpepple Yes, he also harvested Google Summer of Code mailing list emails as well a while back. Seems like a "one trick pony".

@downey Dude definitely knows how to hold a grudge.

@bpepple @downey It's a shame that Planet Fedora still enlists his blog.
Especially lately it hust helps spread his crazy conspiracy theories.

@sesivany @downey Agreed. Unfortunately I don't think he has violated the COC.

@downey @sesivany Maybe he was removed? I know around a week ago he was on the mailing list complaining about rms blog posts being censored, but it turned out the recent account system migration had broken the planet feed from updating. 🤔

@downey @bpepple hmmm... That looks like he's been removed. Long overdue.
Must have been recent because I remember seeing his post there no longer than a week ago.

@downey @fsfe Thank you so much for your support! That means a lot, especially in these troubled times.

@mxmehl @fsfe Thanks to the team for their important work. It does not go unnoticed and unappreciated!

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