In 2019, I cancelled my associate membership with the Free Software Foundation (which I joined in 2004) when it came to light that the organization refused to sanction or remove its toxic founder and leader after a litany of documented abuses and unprofessional behavior, even toward me myself in the past.

While () was eventually removed from his post, this weekend it became known that the organization has allowed him back on to its Board of Directors.


(2/2) If you have not yet canceled your membership, I encourage you to do so. could be playing a critical role in the (and ) movements, but its founders syndrome means that they continue to be more interested in persisting toxic leadership then promoting a positive future.

I am disappointed but not surprised. Our movement deserves better than what the FSF is able to offer us.


(3/2) If you'd like more back story on the 2019 events, I refer you to the best description that I'm aware of from former Executive Director Bradley Kuhn:

I agree with everything written there. Do note that it was written before was fully "out" from FSF.

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@downey I attended but hesitated to pay the extra $15 to get an associate membership. That announcement made me glad I did.

@michel_slm Honestly, I had thought they were beginning to turn things around. But their Board had other ideas, apparently. 😞

@downey @michel_slm unless things have changed in recent years (doesn't seem to be the case judging by this situation) the FSF board is a mysterious entity that the employees never get to interact with except at libreplanet and thus their actions are completely disconnected from the people that actually do the work. the employees are cool and genuinely want the FSF to improve but have no means to do so.

@downey @michel_slm also, you could leave aside all of RMS's public blunders and still have a very strong case for never letting him close to a leadership position ever again. he's just... not good at making positive connections with other people.

@dthompson @downey @michel_slm It seems like the workers' only remedy is to fork...

@be @downey @michel_slm yeah I think the fsf is basically a lost cause at this point. the employees are unionized but have little bargaining power.

@dthompson @be @michel_slm I believe that assessment of the secret FSF board is pretty fair from what I've heard. And I also agree that it's to the detriment of the wonderful staff whose hearts are in the right place, and caught up in the fallout of the stubborn entrenched board members.

I'd love to see a "reborn" FSF in a new, clean entity, with clean, open, transparent, accountable governance.

@downey There is a video floating around with the announcement of rms going back to the board, but I haven't watched it yet.

I have a morbid curiosity to know if he addressed the points that took him from the board in the first place.

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