I've been hearing a now decent amount of noise regarding the change of license of to .
I don't get why it's a problem for us, it looks like aGPL to me... could someone explain to me what the problem of this license is?
From what I got, they did it to give the finger to (which sounds reasonable to me and the license looks appropriate to do that).
So when I read logz.io/blog/open-source-elast I really don't see who that would benefit besides Amazon :(

@downey wow, that looks complicated... but thanks, I'll try to have a look

@silmathoron These days they are doing after-review summaries on list but I don't think they were yet back then. :(

@downey ok, so now there's this: opensource.org/node/1099
But I cannot understand for the life of me where this is written in section 13 (and it has to be in section 13 because it's the only thing that differs from aGPL)

@silmathoron As best I understand it SSPL violates clause #6 of the OSD and therefore is not an open source license, because section 13 says you can't use this software if you're going to make money with it through a cloud service. Open source is designed for anyone to use without restriction as to how it can be used.

@downey yeah but that's what I don't understand: for me it just says that if you provide a service using a software under SSPL, then you must provide all of the service's code open-source.
I see nowhere in section 13 that you cannot use the software to make money from a service...

@silmathoron It's the paragraph that starts with “Service Source Code means". Requires anyone doing so, to ALSO make available source code of every other piece of software they use in the related business, regardless of the software and/or its licenses. This is effectively legally impossible, which is the challenge the folks in the mailing list describe.

@downey Ah, I see, in case this piece of software is actually closed source but not from them, for instance?

@silmathoron Yeah let's say you ran something licensed under SSPL, on a DigitalOcean account for example. I think you'd be required by SSPL to publish all of the source code of everything they use, which of course we have no legal control over...

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