is under attack by those who want to start allowing discrimination. And they're wrapping this co-option under the disguise of the so-called "ethical source" flag. If this special interest group takes over the Open Source Initiative board it would mean the end of freedoms that protect over 100 humanitarian open source projects.

If you're a member, check your email and vote right now for Megan Byrd-Sanicki & Josh Simmons.

Stand up for human rights. Stand up for software freedom.

@downey I also oppose the Ethical Source group as operating currently, but I'm surprised by your statements. Can you elaborate why them taking over OSI would have effects at all on existing projects, if they don't change licenses? Or what "protections" those humanitarian projects derive from opensource? Thanks

@remram44 @downey Projects which formerly relied on clauses like "OSI-approved licenses" for convenience may find themselves trapped in software with unfree licenses if #OSI starts accepting more licenses which are not #freesoftware. As a reminder, ; this is not to deny that #copyleft clauses can still be improved: .

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