Important read: Bradley Kuhn no longer director:

His thoughtful post reminds me, FSF has a separate class of voting members. Did resign as a voting member or just as dir/president? It's unclear.

Per the bylaws, the voting members are effectively "in charge" of the organization because they are the ones who name the board of directors.

The voting members are *not* the individual associate members one becomes by signing up on the web site. It was initially set to be the same group as the board of directors, but they voting members could add others to their group. The current list doesn't seem to be public.

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@downey Wow, I like his thinking in that post!

Normally I'd be tempted to quote something from it, but on this topic I'm very hesitant to take anything out of context.

@downey @alcinnz

Are the FSF' rules changing to be more professional/corporate? For example, the President no longer being also allowed to be a director with voting rights?


@wyatwerp @alcinnz They have an (excellent) executive director in John Sullivan. I personally see no need for a president role. But I've resigned as an associate member.

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