Where are the #FOSS #FLOSS #OSS projects in the #Fediverse looking for contributions??

It's #Hacktoberfest and you should tag your issues with that label so we can find you and contribute to your projects :heart_cybre:

I block nonfree JS. It makes it a pain, but not impossible. There are many good projects on GitHub though, I do wish they would go self-hosted though.

@masterofthetiger @downey

hard agree! I like Hacktoberfest because it gets newcomers into open source; I wish Digital Ocean would expand the places they'd accept those 4 merge requests from (right now it's just GitHub, but they admitted they don't know why it couldn't be expanded out, except I guess that # of free tshirts would grow a lot and it's a lot of $$)

@downey one would hope but as it is, GH dominates for # of repositories (I have no idea why Digital Ocean singles out GitHub and neither do they; I asked when I was at their office on Tuesday)

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