So I finally switched from to this week for my personal computing purposes, and I think I'm happy with that decision.

@downey I'm often tempted to jump back to Debian. The dedication to their craft is impeccable. I think I could get away with Testing or Unstable, but I just can't shake wanting up-to-date software, hence Arch.

@ndegruchy Yeah I can imagine feeling that same way in the future -- time will tell! 🙂

@downey I'm curious why you did that! I'm on Debian and happy, but would like to _try_ Fedora at some point, just to know what the experience is like!

@brainwane @downey also curious about the reason. is next week, so it's as good a time as any to reflect on current shortcomings

Intentional destruction of the AskFedora knowledge base from the past years for troubleshooting, and related issues. I don't want to be out to sea without a map.

@downey @michel_slm @brainwane This is a very valid issue. I still don't understand what made them destroy the existing knowledge base. This has made resolving issues so much more difficult :(

@yudocaa @downey @michel_slm @brainwane Redhat sells RHEL so they don't actually want fedora to succeed long term, only serv as a testing ground.

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